Sep 19, 2021

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4 Reasons why Ifeanyi Ubah of YPP may win Anambra Governorship Election

Less than three months before the gubernatorial elections were held in the state of Anambra, candidates from various political parties in the southeast of the state have emerged.

A look at the candidates from smaller parties shows that a few are not politically weak, especially when it comes to grassroots mobilization.

All eyes are now on Senator Ifeanyi Ubah of the Young Progressives Party (YPP). The 50-year-old is characterized by his experience, passion and competence to take over the leadership of Governor Willie Obiano.

In 2013 Ubah ran under the Labor Party and failed. However, he tried again unsuccessfully under the platform in 2017 before leaving for APGA.

1. Acting Senator

As the current Senator representing the Anambra South Senate in the Nigerian Senate, Ubah has political experience.

However, some Nigerians may disagree, the legislature turned out to be no pushover by defeating some well-known political giants on his way to the upper legislative chamber.

2. Defeated the Uba brothers in the 2019 elections

In 2019 he defeated the political heavyweights in his Senate district, including the Uba brothers, to win the Senate seat for Anambra South.

Many say that Ubah will likely repeat the same feat in the gubernatorial election on Saturday November 6th.

3 . Appeal to the grassroots

The father of five has been described as a grassroots politician, which increases his chances of winning the hotly contested gubernatorial election.

Senator Uba is popular at grassroots level in Anambra state because he has demonstrated skills in this direction by touching life with his foundation over the years.

He is definitely the man to watch in the Anambra gubernatorial election for his social capital and grassroots appeal.

4. Billionaire

Ubah is a smart businessman and accomplished entrepreneur who has successfully run a number of businesses. He is an exporter of car tires and spare parts.

He founded an oil company and a daily newspaper. Ubah also owns a football club.

The gubernatorial candidate, who employs around 25,000 people in his various companies, is still the top employer after the government of the state of Anambra.

Ifeanyi Ubah emerges from a powerful party

Previously, Ubah was declared a candidate for the YPP ahead of the upcoming gubernatorial elections in Anambra.

The senator was acquitted by the YPP national leadership in Abuja on Thursday June 17th. The development came hours after Ubah arrived at the YPP national headquarters in Abuja for a screening will affect. He was optimistic that the party would emerge victorious in the end.