Aug 9, 2022

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52-Year-Old Father Kills 3 Children, Dumps Bodies Inside Deep Freezer as Police Take Strong Action –

  • A mother was thrown into mourning in Enugu when three of her children were killed and thrown in a refrigerator
  • Horrifyingly, the children were allegedly killed by her father, a 52-year-old named Ifeanyi Amadikwa
  • The police have since arrested the suspect and have sworn to ensure that the case is thoroughly investigated
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    Enugu State – Enugu police arrested a 52-year-old Ifeanyi Amadikwa for killing his children and throwing their bodies into a depraved depth supposed to freezer

    The Cable reported that police said two of the children were conceived by the suspect while the third child was his stepdaughter.


    Daniel Ndukwe, spokesman for the Enugu Police Department, said in a statement on Wednesday, Dec. January, the children were found with bruises in the refrigerator during a search.

    The victims are:

    • Chidalum Amadikwa, 11 years old (his stepdaughter)
    • Amarachi Amadikwa, 8 years old
    • Ebubechukwu Amadikwa, 4 years old

    According to information According to the police, the suspect pointed out the refrigerator to the mother’s attention while she was looking for the children.

    Ndukwe stated that the lifeless body of the children was eventually “bruised found in the refrigerator, suggesting that they may have been murdered and thrown in the refrigerator. “

    The bodies were immediately taken to the hospital, where doctors on duty confirmed them as dead and were deposited in the morgue for safekeeping and autopsy.

    The police feel sorry for the grieving mother

    In the meantime, the police officer Mmmissar of Enugu, Abubakar Lawal, has shown compassion to the mother, relatives and friends of the deceased children. He also assured that the matter would be thoroughly investigated and vowed to ensure That justice prevails, reported leadership .

    Lawal has also appointed the deputy commissioner of the state criminal investigation and investigation department to conduct and ensure a conclusive investigation into the case that anyone found guilty will be held accountable.

    Nigerians respond

    Folorunsho Samuel Shola commented on Facebook:

    < blockquote> “You should do a psychiatric test on him, I’m sure the guy is mentally ill.”

    Kaycee Iwuanyanwu-Odinkemelu said:

    “This is not normal at all. Is so absurd. Chimmmm what’s going on in the world, abeg ooooohhh. “

    Real M Sha’iri said:

    ” So sad

    “Ya Allah protect every innocent soul”

    Venty Aloho said:

    “What is really wrong with the people?”

    Police arrest woman providing bandits with daughters and nieces for sex

    In another report, police arrested a woman who allegedly committed women to bandits in Galadimawa Forest, Giwa Governorate Kaduna delivers.

    Maryam Abubakar, housewife and resident of Rugar Hanwa in Sabon Gari local government, who was arrested Tuesday December 21, confessed that she was luring women had, including her own daughters and nieces, become the bandits for sexual pleasure.

    The Intelligence Response Team (IRT), a special unit The kidnapping police did the arrest.