Jul 28, 2021

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6th anniversary: NASS member scores Buhari high on infrastructure

Olanrewaju spoke to the Nigeria News Agency (NAN) in Ado-Ekiti on Sunday against the backdrop of the sixth anniversary of the Buhari-led government.

However, he rejected the level of uncertainty in the country urgent intervention is required.

“I will rate the President very well in the area of ​​infrastructure relocation. Unfortunately no one will see this because we have all been bothered by the uncertainty.

“The main problem we are all facing now is uncertainty. Unfortunately, most of us are part of the problem. Look what is going on in the southeast and no one is talking.

“Some people just walk into a police station, kill the staff, and no one is. Very soon it will consume us all.

“You and me will suffer because we watch them destroy state property but say nothing.

” They are burning INEC offices, police stations and tomorrow they will be doing the job to their friends for Rewarding reconstruction with our collective wealth. So who is suffering? “

According to him, the Buhari-led government The accomplishments are to keep the economy on the path of inclusive, diversified and sustainable growth in order to continue to lift significant numbers of citizens out of poverty.

Olanrewaju stated that the government’s approach to infrastructure was logical. For one thing, completing critical ongoing projects was preferred to launching new ones.

He said the president had achieved so much in the area of ​​infrastructure that several are still ongoing while some are completed.

Legislators said the Buhari-led government was making great strides in all sectors of the economy, including projects abandoned by previous administrations.

He also noted that the administration was still committed to rebuilding and expanding the Nigerian area.

“You can confirm the president’s intervention in the road network in every federal state that has major federal road projects km, was completed in order to create a critical connection between the north and the south of the country in a few hours.

“What about the south-south, where a distance of several kilometers was? covered, reducing a journey that took days a few years ago to a few hours.

“The story is the same in the southeast, where several projects are also being considered.

“In the Southwest, I can even say that in all zones we are the happiest to have benefited from the administration of the President. The northwest and northeast are not forgotten either, ”he said