Jun 18, 2021

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774,000 jobs: Workers Protest Over Non-Payment of N20,000 Wage

– The reactions have the reported delay in the payment of wages in the SPW program

pursued – The National Directorate for Employment (NDE) explained the reason for the non-payment.

– SPW is one of the government social programs implemented by the government

Die Beneficiaries of the federal government’s Special Public Works (SPW) program have complained about reported non-payment of their wages for three months.

The Punch reported that some of the beneficiaries were in the social Media questioned why their N20,000 monthly grants were not paid.

Those affected reportedly confronted Labor and Employment Minister Festus Keyamo (SAN), about the problem via Twitter.

A Dubagari Jnr tweeted:

“What happens to the SPW? So far we have not been paid and have successfully completed our work. Please Hon. Minister, we need explanations as to why we have not been paid and you must start paying out before you fast (Ramadan). “

Abdoul Baqee tweeted:

” People are hungry for scholarship payments. Please follow these people’s payments quickly. 774,000 people are anxiously waiting on paying them with hunger and they don’t even have a phone to get to your timeline. When you get hungry, think of people who are hungry without your claim. “

The nation reported that Keyamo directed the inquiries to Abubakar Fikpo, the acting director, when contacted about the non-payments – General of the National Directorate of Employment (NDE).

Fikpo replied that the problem will be resolved soon.

He said:

” We are still in the process; we have here and there identified some loopholes. We would like to check the BVN of the participants pants. That is why we are working with the banks together.

“We check the BVN of these participants in order to avoid double payments to several people or to three or more accounts.”

The SPW is an ad hoc program, with which 477,000 craftsmen from the 477 council areas of the country are to receive public works for three months.

Minister Festus Keyamo announced on Saturday, March 20th, in announced in a tweet that President Buhari has ordered the release of funds for the payment of scholarships to the beneficiaries of the program (NDE) has asked to credit the accounts of the persons listed in the system.