Sep 21, 2021

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95 lecturers in Bauchi, Gombe, Plateau yet to receive 13-month salaries – ASUU

The coordinator for the Bauchi Zone, which includes the three states, Prof. Lawan Abubakar Zonal said this during a press conference on the ATBU campus on Tuesday. He said the federal government’s payment platform (IPPIS) has omitted its members’ salaries.

Lawan said, “The inconsistencies in the payment of salaries and remittances of third-party deductions observed in the use of IPPIS have spread to everyone Federal universities continued. Since the introduction of IPPIS in February 2020, our members have continued to be exempt from monthly salary payments.

“This is the situation at all federal universities in the state. Each month when the salary is paid, a different staff member’s name is omitted from the payment for that particular month. Currently, about 61 lecturers at Jos University are owed arrears of 2 to 13 months; The same applies to ATBU (16 members), Bauchi and the Federal University of Kashere, Gombe (18 members).

“This is intentional and represents a victimization of ASUU members by the IPPIS office in order to help them Forcing registration, thereby foiling the implementation of (University Transparency Accountability Solutions (UTAS) as agreed before the suspension of the strike “. In 2020.

” The questions that need to be answered here are: Are some people feeding fat because of the high maintenance and consulting fees for IPPIS compared to the freely developed and more efficient UTAS, which deal with the specifics of the university, in accordance with existing laws? Could this be the reason the FGN bothered made to use UTAS in universities? ”

Lawan said that the Union’s national leadership hired the office of the Federation’s Accounting Officer to deal with the issue of wage deduction and omission of G Resolve the contents of the members.