Aug 10, 2022

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Again, Lawyers Slam Omirhobo’s Traditional Robe As Court Rejects Suit –

  • Federal Court in Lagos State has dismissed human rights attorney Malcolm Omihrhobo’s two cases
  • A number of attorneys have objected to Omihrhobo’s hearing that he was not properly adorned even when appearing in court
  • Meanwhile, on Thursday 23 June, Abuja caused a stir in the Supreme Court for his manner of dress >

On Monday, June 27, a human rights attorney, Chief Malcolm Omirhobo, dressed as a “Juju Priest” attended a hearing at the Federal Superior Court in Lagos, Nigeria.

Judge Tijani Ringim refused to hear two of Omihrhobo’s cases because he dressed in a lawyer’s robe as a “native doctor” in court, Punch reports.< /p>

Chief Malcolm Omirhobo Dress to Court awarded

The attorney just appeared Otherwise barefoot with cowries tied to both his legs. His wig had two long feathers, with cowrie snails in both his hands and a red tie while he wore his lawyer’s coat over it.

The human rights lawyer who had appeared earlier was judge Ringim by met with opposition from some lawyers who objected to his appearing in court in such attire; arguing that he could not be heard as he was not dressed appropriately as a lawyer in court.

The Lagos Court’s verdict

As his case was heard, he announced his appearance as a complainant and some lawyers, Abdullah Dania, Mohammed Adamu and a certain Festus Afeyodion, told the court that he should not be heard as he had not been duly robbed.

Dania said:

“I am a lawyer, sir can imagine my learned friend acting as a professional in court. The rules that govern us as lawyers rules, do not allow improper attire.”

Adamu told them that he would like to submit his written submission to the court in accordance with the court’s instructions.

< p class="align-left">The judge said:

“You can’t judge the court like that as a professional speak to. I will adjourn your case and you will come and speak in court if the rules allow you to do so.”

Consequently, the judge adjourned October 10, 2022 .

Lawyer criticizes Omirhobo’s traditional robe in Supreme Court, saying it was a joke taken too far

Lawyer Ahmad Adetola-Kazeem has criticized human rights abuses Lawyer Malcolm Omirhobo for donning traditional attire in court.

According to Adetola-Kazeem, it was a deliberate attempt to ridicule and embarrass the court.

Supreme Court authorizes Muslim schoolgirls to wear hijab in schools in Lagos

In a split five-to-two decision on Friday, June 17, a seven-member confirmed Panel of the Supreme Court of La. Court of Appeals verdict gos of July 21, 2016, overturning Judge Grace Onyeabo of the High Court of Lagos State’s October 17, 2014 judgment affirming the hijab restriction.

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