Sep 19, 2021

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Agric ministry committed to ensuring zero COVID-19 cases – Perm Sec

Umakhihe said so on Friday at the public service week commemoration and excellence award in Abuja in 2021.

The permanent secretary said this was done by sourcing COVID-19 safety kits such as z Hand sanitizer and face masks in accordance with COVID-19 prevention guidelines and protocols from the Nigeria Center for Disease Control (NCDC).

He said the ministry is promoting international cooperation and partnership with the Bill and Melinda Gates The Foundation and Sahel will ensure advice to help the ministry build capacity.

Umakhihe said this has already started and is intended to provide institutional and human capacity in agriculture and food that is local and are to be carried out in the African region.

He said that the ministry would accept the procurement requested by the officials concerned ng of assistive devices for people with disabilities in the ministry by the National Community Service Association of Pe. I have approved rsons living with disabilities.

“The ministry is also committed to increasing staff welfare through capacity building that increases performance and productivity.

” The ministry is committed to improve the staff of the ministry clinic by ensuring that the clinic equipment is of a standard comparable to other tertiary hospitals, especially in ophthalmology (eye) to increase patient care both inside and outside the ministry.

“Consumables purchase protocol that performed this function efficiently and transparently, resulting in the clinic having fewer supplies of medicines and basic consumables,” he said.

He said that the Department of Agriculture was hired to remodel the clinic ambulance, which had been dying for years but was now ready for use.

He announced that 13 of the P. Personal buses have been completely overhauled for staffing.

Speaking to the Nigerian News Agency (NAN) at the event, Elizabeth Edet, a delighted recipient of the award, remarked that it was the first time that people with disabilities were recognized in the ministry.