Aug 4, 2021

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Akwa Ibom spends N10bn on erosion control – Commissioner

Udoh told the Nigeria News Agency (NAN) in Eket on Friday that the money had been spent on two major sites – Etim Umana Erosion and St. Luke Hospital Control Projects.

“The last nine For months or so we have spent nearly N 10 billion on erosion and the two most important sites are the Etim Umana Erosion and St. Luke Hospital erosion control projects, ”he said.

The commissioner noted that businesses, homes and critical infrastructure has been displaced by erosion and flooding in the areas.

According to him, more cities in Akwa Ibom are prone to erosion due to the natural topography and soil conditions in these locations.

“This means automatically that when it rains we are in the rain belt and drain erosion becomes a problem, “he said.

He said building houses to the right of paths and farming on the slope of the drain were some of those Causes of the erosion de s gullies.

Udoh said the IBB Avenue flood control project, if left unchecked, could have an overflow effect on erosion control.

“We’re getting a large runoff to Evacuate flood, because if you leave flood there for a long time (IBB-Allee), it will start to heat the core of the earth’s surface.

“Then the erosion will start to stab, especially one Place like Uyo, where the soil texture is loose, “said Udoh.

The commissioner said the state government saved more than 100 houses, the entire St. Luke and the nursing school in Etim Umana from erosion. < / p>

Regarding the ecological issue, he noted that the state government alone could not solve the state’s erosion problem and added that it was looking for interventions (ecological funds) to do this.

< p> He complained that some residents of the local governments of Uyo, Ibesikpo and Itu are still in him Hazardous areas live after being asked to evacuate the sites.

Udoh said the state government identified 10 areas of erosion where control projects could be carried out but lack the funds to carry out the work .