Sep 21, 2021

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Amotekun rescues three more victims from kidnappers’ den

Men of the Ondo State Security Network, code-named Amotekun, kidnapped the three remaining passengers of the 12 by unknown armed men on the Idoani / Ifira-Akoko axis in the state of Ondo.

They are Miss Omolara Fajana, Mr Benjamin Ojoga and Ms. Faith Sunday, who were kidnapped along with nine others on Monday evening while driving from Abuja to Lagos.

Amotekun previously had nine passengers with the trio after an emergency call shortly after the passengers were kidnapped saved: Fajana, Sunday and Ojoga were not saved until Friday evening through joint efforts with other security agencies.

After sharing their experiences at Amotekun headquarters in Akure yesterday, they confirmed that they were traveling from Abuja to Lagos, when the gang rushed on them and were sporadically shot while they were marching into the woods The fall occurred on Monday, during which the kidnappers forced them to wander into the forest for over three hours that night without food or water.

According to Fajana, “It was Monday, September 6th. We came from Abuja and after leaving Ibilo, around the bad part; our bus got stuck in that particular location and it took us about three hours to get out.

“Shortly after, we got to Ifira-Akoko and saw another bad portion. So the driver asked us to get out to make the bus lighter and we all got out. As the bus drove through the muddy part of the road, we heard gunshots and everyone scattered, running from one corner to the other. Shortly afterwards we saw that the bus did not stop, it continued and so we were kidnapped. ”

The commander of the state’s Amotekun Corps, Chief Adetunji Adeleye, said that the victims were rescued after his Men followed the kidnappers for several hours, although he said the operation was carried out with assistance from the Department of State Security (DSS) and the police.

He stated that his men were not being shot with the. exchanged criminals to avert casualties and found that they limited their operations to the border of Ondo state, but that the kidnappers fled to a neighboring state.