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Anamekwe Nwabuoku: The Task Before the Overseer of OAGF by Mukhtar Ya’u Madobi – Legit.ng

Editor’s Note: Public Affairs Analyst Mukhtar Ya’u Madobi has advised the newly appointed Overseer of the Office of the Comptroller General of the Federation (OAGF ), Mr. Anamekwe Chukwunyere Nwabuoku, among other things, to focus on industrial action by the University Academic Staff Union over payment concerns.

A new era has dawned in the finance sector of the country when the federal government announced the appointment of Mr. Anamekwe Chukwunyere Nwabuoku as Overseer of the Office of the Comptroller General of the Federation (OAGF).

This was following the suspension of the former Comptroller General of the Federation, Malam Ahmed Idris, by Minister of Finance, Budget and National Planning, Zainab Shamsuna Ahmad, following his investigation by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, necessary. for alleged N80 billion fraud.

However, it was stated in a letter dated May 20, 2022 and signed by Aliyu Ahmed, Secretary of State (Finance), Federal Ministry of Finance , Budget and National Planning that “the appointment is pending the outcome of the inquiry.”

Nevertheless, in this position as senior director in the Office, Mr. Nwabuoku is expected to oversees the activities of the OAGF and carries out his duty in strict compliance with the existing rules and with the highest level of professionalism he has been known for since he entered the financial sector.

Remind you Remembers that the Comptroller General of the Federation is the Chief of Accounting Services and Treasury of the federal government and is owned by The Office is charged with overall oversight of the accounts of all departments and departments within the Federation entrusts and prepares the nation’s annual financial statements as may be required by the Treasury Department.

The moment Mr. Nwabuoku has been appointed overseer of this prestigious office, the It is already crystal clear to experienced and celebrated financial professionals that his job is already cut out for him, especially considering the circumstances that also justified his appointment and other issues affecting the smooth and overall functioning of the office.

Nevertheless, knowing of his decades of experience in the field, coupled with his background and the indelible mark of his success stories left behind in various jobs he has served, the Minister evidently knew that Nwabuoku was the right and perfect one man for the job.

This will be clear if you look at it briefly ches profile to understand how he’s been able to achieve tons of milestones while working in the industry.

Mr. A native of the Ehime Mbano Local Government Area in Imo State, Anamekwe was born on October 15, 1962. M.Sc) in Financial Management from CommonWealth University, Belize.

Mr. Anamekwe began his public service career at the Center for Democratic Studies (CDS), rising to chief accountant between 1992 and 1995. From 1996 to 2001 he was Deputy Chief Accountant in the Office of AGF, Abuja.

In addition, from 2001 to 2003 he served in the National Assembly, the Office of the Senate President, as Special Assistant to the Senate President for Public Affairs, and his responsibilities included advising the Senate President on media and other issues.

He took up the post of Chief Accountant at the Defense Ministry Headquarters in Abuja and served as Head of Accounting.

Following his promotion to Deputy Director of Accounting, he served as Treasurer at the Ministry from 2009 to 2012. In 2012 he became Deputy Director (Accounting) and was appointed to the Office of the Secretary of the Government of the Federation ( SGF) as Supervisor of Eco-Fund accounts and other related matters.

He was appointed again in 2017 Promoted to Director (Accounts) and transferred to the Office of the Chief of Civil Service of the Federation. He was Director (Finance and Accounting) at Ministry of Defense Headquarters, Abuja from May 2019 to March 2021.

Currently, Mr. Anamekwe is Director of the Federation Accountant-General’s Inspection Office and oversees currently the Office of the Accountant-General of the Federation.

One ​​of the most challenging issues Nigerians will look up to as the new overseer “provide solutions” is the federal government’s anointed payments platform for Public employees, the “Integrated Payroll and Personnel Information System” (IPPIS). Many officials have complained about the inefficiency and inconsistency related to the platform, as their monthly salary is unnecessarily deducted due to bugs in the system.

Remember that these Payment The platform has been at the top of the list of reasons responsible for the ongoing industrial action by the Academic Staff Union of University (ASUU) since 2019, when President Muhammadu Buhari ordered the arrest of all officers using this payment platform.

The IPPIS project, started in 2007, is responsible for the payment of wages and salaries directly to the bank accounts of federal employees. IPPIS also appropriately deducts and re-routes third-party payments from federal employees’ salaries.

However, as noted by the faculty, the platform is not well placed to address the payment Procedures in the academic institution. For example, the system does not record the compensation of employees on sabbaticals, external examiners, external reviewers, and earned academic allowances. It does not deal with the movement of staff as in the case of visiting, supplementary, part-time and counseling services offered by academics at universities in Nigeria, among others.

On this one Purpose, Nwabuoku is expected to draw on his wealth of experience in advocating for this issue to provide a permanent solution capable of addressing any grievances from either side.

On the other hand, the efficiency and success of any organization, whether private or public, certainly depends on how people cooperate and work in synergy to realize and achieve their assigned goals and objectives. Therefore, Mr. Anamekwe should not forget to look out for the well-being of employees, as they remain the only tool by which he can be successful during his tenure.

On the other hand, should the new Overseer, looking back on the circumstances that led to his taking up this post, will leave no stone unturned to ensure the doctrine of the practice of transparency and accountability in the conduct of the affairs of the office. This is necessary as it will go a long way in blocking any form of corruption related affairs.

Of course, as mentioned, a new dawn has dawned and all that is left is it for Mr. Anamekwe to inscribe his name in gold on this patriotic national commission he has been entrusted with.

And believe me, the man will, without a doubt, exceed expectations . He’s well on his way to proving himself and making miracles again.

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