Sep 21, 2021

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Anti-Grazing Bill: Miyetti Allah Makes Serious Revelation to APC-owned State Govt

  • Miyetti Allah in the southwest region has asked the House of Representatives of Lagos State not to enforce the anti-grazing law
  • The Shepherds’ Association submitted this appeal on Wednesday, September 8th, during a public hearing on the proposed bill.
  • The panel also noted that the cost of raising livestock in one place is much more expensive than grazing in different areas

The Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association has admitted that they have some bad shepherds in their Rows out to cause trouble.

The association made this reveal on Wednesday the 8th Bill, Punch reports.

In a report in the Premium Times, she called on the state government to allow the club’s leadership to speak to members in order to discuss ver prevent cows from ravaging people’s farmland.

Miyetti Allah’s zone secretary in the southwest region, Usman, said:

“A Fulani Man moves from one place to another to go about his trade, but we have some bad eggs that cause trouble. The government should allow us to speak to our people that they don’t want our cows to destroy people’s farmland. “

Usman also noted that raising cattle in a given place costs a lot more than allowing the animals to graze from one place to another.

He noted that the shepherds would face serious financial constraints to if the law against home grazing were passed due to the cost of raising the herds.

Further the secretary noted that if this were to happen, a cow for up to 2 million N could be sold.

His words:

“If cattle are raised in one place, the price could be around 2 million N each rise. We agreed with some local chiefs in others stating that anyone who wants to raise cows at a location should register and indicate when they are leaving. “

Open pasture calculator second reading at Lagos Assembly

In the meantime, on Monday September 6th, the Assembly passed the draft law on open grazing to the Agriculture Committee after it was scaled at second reading.