Sep 20, 2021

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Anti-open grazing: Miyetti Allah Sends Crucial Message to Lagos Govt

  • The cattle breeders’ association of Miyetti Allah, southwest, has reacted to the law to combat open grazing in Lagos
  • The group asked for more Zeit asked to train its members on how well they can stop the practice of open grazing and found that they are not members of Miyetti Allah

The southwest chapter of the Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association (MACBAN) says it needs time to train its members on how to stop the practice of open grazing.

The Cable reported that Maikudi Usman, the zone secretary of southwest MACBAN, held the public hearing of the Lagos State Open Grazing Act on Wednesday September 8th.

He said that the members of the association need time to be educated ” as they wish “Cattle a Breed in one place and not transferred to anyone’s land. “

Usman said:

” Our breeders are not into breeding accustomed cattle in one place. You’re moving from here to another place. When we say that we keep cattle in one place, the owner of the cattle has no money to feed the animals in one place. “

It is worth remembering that The Lagos State Assembly had submitted the bill banning open grazing to the committees for consideration on Monday, September 6, according to the Vanguard report.

The draft law to combat open grazing was passed by the Agriculture Committee after the second reading.

Good news, because Miyetti Allah will send members to America to learn modern animal husbandry

This is the latest step of the association, announced by mother Amina Ajayi, brand ambassador, Miyetti Allah Kautal sociocultural association.

Ajayi, who recently became brand ambassador appointed by Miyetti Allah, revealed that some of the shepherds in the V United States of America would be trained in modern cow-rearing methods, the report said.

Crisis of Shepherds: Another Southeast State Adopts Bill to Combat Open Grazing

Meanwhile, the House of Assembly of Enugu State recently passed the draft law banning grazing grazing and regulating livestock in laws.

It was reported that the House of Representatives will be present on Tuesday the 31st.