Oct 21, 2021

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APC Group in Lagos Cries Out Over Alleged Marginalisation, Reveals Next Action

  • Moshood Salvador, the chairman of the conscience forum of the party in Lagos, has called on the party leadership to allow the principle of inclusivity
  • On Monday, on October 4th, appealed in Surulere during a meeting of forum stakeholders
  • The APC chief said that he and his members abandon all promises made by the party PDP fall were not met

Surulere, Lagos – Apparently dissatisfied with the treatment The chairman of the party’s conscience forum , Moshood Salvador, was met by the leadership of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Lagos State to the members of his group and sent a strong message to the national body ahead of the upcoming State Congress.

At a stakeholder meeting attended by members of the forum from the 20 local government districts and 37 LCDAs from t. In the state held on Monday October 3rd, Salvador said the party’s leadership at the national level must be honest with the party’s members in order to win future elections.

He said:

” We are not against the party and we are not working against the interests of the party, but we should contribute to the progress of APC in our state. We’re talking about inclusion. We belong to the same party, so why should some people be pushed away?

“We did local elections, my people weren’t there. All the promises we were made when we got into the party were not fulfilled . You promised us a number of things for my members, I am not asking these things for myself, but none have been fulfilled.

“I want my members to be happy. I want the party to recognize them as legitimate members of the APC, that’s all. As long as this happens, I will happily continue to fund the party and be active for the party as long as I can see that my members are comfortable. “

Salvador stated that the party If it is to succeed and win in all elections, it must be able to attend to the needs of its members and be honest and sincere in everything its leadership does.

In his speech on the readiness of the conscience forum for the state congress on October 16, he said that the candidates for his group come from the four divisions of the state.

The APC chief said:

“We have our candidates for the state congress and we have carried out our screening. We paid to the national corporation and they gave us the forms that our members fill out and return to the national APC.

“We have decided to divide the state into four zones, one of which is Lagos East, which produces the chairman of the State Congress. Our secretary is based in Badagry, west Lagos; Lagos Central is supposed to produce the female executive while Ikeja has the treasurer.

He added added that it would not work if the national APC could adopt the principle of inclusivity and the state in which it belongs and works for its progress does not want its efforts recognized.

Politics, in his opinion, is not the main preoccupation of most of its members present, saying that in the case of harsh practices ” we know how to deal with ourselves, so wa rum does that bother you? “

Salvador said:

” We are not fighting or disorganizing the party. We are only demanding our rights and our inclusion. Let them uphold justice and justice, otherwise it will not be easy for them.

“If you want the best for the party, you will not do anything nonsensical. If you want success for the party you will know how to deal with all affairs and affairs. There is no telling What can you do? We have done? We have done it before and will do it again.

“The sooner you change your attitude towards the interests of your members, the better. When they talked about all groups being forbidden, who is talking about groups? “I speak of my members. Are they not members of APC? Can’t you see their membership cards? Except when they say that all APC members in Lagos state have been banned, then there is no reason to complain or dispute anything and everything.” this is the time in which they can win. “

APC sends a message to its chapter in Lagos in good time before the State Congress

It was reported that that the Lagos APC chairman in his statement on Friday July 30th, Bashiru Ruwangodiya, stated that the exercise would be conducted in accordance with the guidelines of the Caretaker Extra-Ordinary Convention Planning Committee (CECPC).

< p class = "align-left"> Ruwangodiya said the election would be for the 26th community leaders in each of the state’s 377 wards, adding that community leaders are selected by either consensus or election.