Mar 22, 2023

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APC House of Reps Member Releases Breakdown of His Salary, Allowances, Severance Package –

  • Akin Alabi, a member of the House of Representatives, has released a breakdown of the salaries he earns as a legislator
  • According to Alabi, as a member of the lower He receives N$700,000 as his base salary in the Legislative Chamber.
  • The APC legislature said his salary and other allowances average about N$9 million per month

Akin Alabi, a member of the House of Representatives representing the federal constituency of Egbeda/Ona-Ara, has released a breakdown of his earnings as a legislator.

The All Progressives Congress (APC) lawmaker, who is also a businessman, had the 5th Green Chamber member in a Twitter post on Friday.

“I don’t know what legislators really deserve until I start earning it.” When I start earning it, all of Twitter will know about it,” he had tweeted.

A few months later, in the early hours of Monday the 2nd December, the legislator trended on the social media platform: He will allegedly be called and not fulfill his promise.

According to Alabi, he collects N700,000 as a basic salary as a member of the lower Legislative Chamber.

Regarding his allowance, the legislature announced that he received “(N3,970,000.00 plus N7,940,000.00)” for both housing and furniture , which he believes was only paid once in four years.

His words:

“I was told that we had a car loan from would get about N7 million and I was told that after 4 years we would get N5 million as a severance pay. You can call that your bonus or retirement benefit.

“Short said the total amount a legislator will get at the National Assembly, plus salaries (base salary is N700,000), plus housing and furniture allowance, plus newspaper allowance, plus travel allowance, plus stationery and supplies (we have to run the office ourselves), plus Pensions, plus ALL will average out at around N9m monthly in total. nothing extra Aside from these, you get NOTHING ELSE.”

He also spoke about allegations that lawmakers had diverted funds earmarked for their constituency projects.

“Legislators don’t get money for constituency projects. You ‘nominate’ projects for your constituency and the agencies carry them out. If you come to the National Assembly to get rich, either fool yourself or you planning something illegal,” he said.