Jun 15, 2021

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Arapaja Will Move Southwest PDP to Greater Heights, PDP Chieftain Declares

– Jude Iwu, a PDP chief in Lagos, has praised Taofeek Arapaja’s election as the party’s southwest leader.

– Iwu claimed that Arapaja would soon restore the party’s lost glory in the southwest.

– According to him, the party is now well positioned to take over the southwest from the APC.

A chief of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in Lagos, Hon Jude Iwu, has said that he is hopeful that the party’s national vice chairman (Southwest ), Taofeek Arapaja, will take the party to greater heights in the region.

The party leader said this is Arapaja’s experience as a former deputy governor of Oyo state and ex-Nigerian ambassador in Jordan and Iran would come into play in the reorganization of the party in the region.

He said:

“It is the beginning of a new day I am convinced that for the Southwest region, with the successful zone elections and the overwhelming support that the zone chairman has received from the delegates, he will encourage the party to work hard to bring the long-awaited peace and progress to our party .

“We are delighted to have an incumbent governor in the person of Seyi Makinde in the state of Oyo. He is doing wonderfully and by 2023 PDP will have at least three more governors in the region.”

Iwu claimed he was impressed with the contributions from Chief Bode George, the former deputy national party chairman, and stressed that PDP would do the same with people like him, the one by one lively zonal chairmen would be the party that needs to be beaten in 2023.

The party leader added:

“I want to urge everyone to join Participated in the last zone elections and did not win teaming up with Arapaja to build our great party. The competition was between a family and not the winner takes it all.

“I am very sure Arapaja’s hands are open to hug those who fought against him for the greater interest of our party. He has the ability to take the party to greater heights, but we do have to support him. ”

It was reported that Arapaja announced this on Thursday March 11th in Lagos during a stakeholder meeting where he was nominated for the position of National Vice-Chair ( Southwest) was supported by the party.