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Assassination Threat: Kogi Federal Lawmaker Denies Claim – Legit.ng

David Idris Zacharias has denied the murder allegation of the late Prince Abubakar Audu’s son

Zacharias is the member representing the Idah/Ibaji/Igalamela/Ofu Federal Constituency of Kogi State at the National Assembly

According to him, Prince Mustapha Enemona Audu worked with some People in cahoots to do a hatchet job. David Idris Zacharias has denied claims by the late Prince Abubakar Audu’s son that he threatened to kill him.

Described the allegation as over-the-top nonsense, which has been published in some According to news outlets, lawmakers found that the late Audu’s son, Prince Mustapha Enemona Audu, was in cahoots with some individuals to distract him from the ongoing APC primaries.

In response, in a statement Wednesday, which he signed and made available to journalists, lawmakers noted that Mr. Audu was aware of his growing political profile since taking office in the lower legislative chamber in 2019.

Zachariah said the field of politics was open, stressing that anyone is free to test his or her popularity, adding that smear campaigns and propaganda chosen by his rival h However, the alternative should be to get to the top but the ability to effectively compensate ete with others.

The statement reads: “One of the greatest weapons of the The loser in every competition is their damage tactics, which they use to distract their competitors. Worse still is the fact that people are unable to compete effectively with their peers, especially in political contests where they use blackmail, fake news, disinformation, propaganda and other tools to get their point across.< /p>

“Unfortunately, this does not work for every person, especially those who have had the unique opportunity of being politically educated, cooked by one of Nigeria’s greatest and most experienced political tacticians, Prince Abubakar, cooked, beaked and tended to Audu, under whose tutelage Hon. David Zacharias received several years of political training.

Lawmakers stressed that if they had not, they would normally have ignored the publication to an unsuspecting public unaware of the ungodly ways in which Mustapha Audu advanced his political career, it was fitting for him to openly contested.

“Prince Mustapha Audu deliberately aimed to take the Hon. David Zacharias’ hard-earned reputation and keep him from last-minute permutations ahead of his primaries to distract.

“But to even consider that considering the level of his father’s dignified education, Mustapha Audu must have been offered to get so petty about just because he wants to take a political position shows how far people can throw away morality for political ends.

“The answer given here is men and women of goodwill, supporters and To guide party members with good conciseness to beware of the diversionary tactics of Prince Mustapha Audu and his associates, who are already grappling with the reality of the failure that awaits them in the primaries.

“Before we correct the records, allow Pr record that the entire contents of the letter circulated with the accompanying message is a pure and applied lie from the abyss of hell. “

However, to set the records straight :

Hon. David Zacharias received a call on May 14, 2022 from Prince Mustapha Audu, when the party held a screening for a number of their candidates at the Fraser Suites Hotel, Abuja, asking to see him, knowing full well that he, Mustapha, is his constituent who has previously had such courtesy calls obligated him to meet him at the place where he should see the governor.

Still to meet Mustapha Audu Hon. David Zacharias said the relationship that exists between the national Chairman of the APC, His Excellency Alhaji Abdullahi Adamu and his late father Prince Abubakar Audu, noting that his father and the APC Chairman are good friends and that Adamu Abdullahi now that he has risen to become the party leader , told him he wished to reward Prince Abubakar Audu by seeing that Mustaph Audu, the son of late Audu to take a political position in Kogi State.

He went further and claimed that the National Chairman of the APC already had the Governor of Kogi State, His Excellency Alhaji Yahaya Bello , and the APC National Chairmen that both are already in office are on the same page about his ambition and that he is trying to challenge the Idah State Constituency’s position, which the APC National Chairperson has already ceded to him.

According to Mustapha Audu at this meeting with David Zacharias He came to speak to Zacharias to calm him down and allow him to challenge Mustapha’s position as he was already sure of winning the position . He went further and boasted that the APC National Chair, who is an uncle of his wife to pave the way for him, arranged for his wife to emerge as the APC zonal female leader to pave the way for his ascension level.

In his characteristic manner and for those who know David Zacharias, he will testify to his gentleness, gentleness, welcoming, loving and calm way of addressing problems. After paying tribute to him for the courtesy shown to him, Zechariah said in his exact words: “Since this is a competition, it would not be necessary for you to resign. Let’s go to the pools, if you win I’ll support you and if I win you support me.”

The duo joked and both broke up that day went their separate ways and nothing more was said after that. Not even mentions of Zechariah’s national leader, rather talk of claiming to have killed the national leader. This comes from a man who seeks leadership by causing dissatisfaction, disunity, crisis and unnecessary tension.

Even through the poorly written, uncoordinated manner of presenting lies and the disjointed way the story appeared in public space, it is already crystal clear that Prince Mustapha Audu must save himself the shame and embarrassment caused by the publication which, rather than arousing sympathy, turned him into a rogue comedian in front of Kogites and those he seeks to elicit sympathy from.

On the Murder Allegation Trying to approach him makes one wonder who wrote the poorly acted screenplay . It is therefore important to verify some of the lies told in the letter sent to the police and to subject them to public scrutiny and testimony.

The letter alleged Mustapha, that Hon . Idris Zacharias threatened his life, his wife and his colleague who was present at the meeting. He went further and claimed that Zacharias said he would use fetish attacks or derail his project and has so far boasted that he started his attack.

These allegations are very childish and bear no relation to the Hon. David Zacharias in any case. David Zcaharias is a good Christian who is not just a churchgoer but has a personal relationship with God. It is wise to say that Mustapha should be prepared to provide concrete audiovisual evidence of life-threatening allegations and other forms of lies told to attack unnecessary and unwanted compassion.

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