May 28, 2022

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ASUU Strike: Charlyboy Reacts to Incessant Industrial Action in Nigeria –

  • The self-proclaimed AreaFada, Charles Oputa, aka Charlyboy, has criticized ASUU’s incessant industrial action
  • Charlyboy blamed the government for its complacency and declared They don’t care about Nigerian students because their own children go to school abroad.
  • He commended Nigerian students for their consistent and outstanding performance in higher institutions abroad

Nigerian social engineer and popular entertainer Charlyboy has said it will be several years before the country’s situation is addressed Governing country, things will not change.

The AreaFada’s nod to Jesus Christ was ingrained at the current level of rot in the system, particularly in the education sector where it has been for 3 months University students to Ha use are.

On Monday, May 9, 2022, the Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU, announced the extension of their strike for an additional 12 weeks. This followed the government’s failure to honor the terms of the ASUU, according to the union.

He said:

“They are not striking abroad. So they should normally know that they are the problem. It’s a problem of bad leadership. Why do you think schools abroad aren’t on strike like we are here? Who is responsible? The answer is that simple. The main problem is that all their children are abroad.”

According to him, the incessant strikes will not happen if all their children are in the country.

Charlyboy recalls the education system of the 70’s

Charlyboy recalled what education was like in the past and said:

“In the early 70’s ones of us who went abroad to study were ridiculed because it was believed that only those who are not intelligent enough would pursue further study abroad because our level of education was at an enviable level at the time.”

Speaking about the natural brain and talents of Nigerian youth, he said:

“Even up to this moment Nigerian students in the United States of America and others countries excel in. They are in the different schools that they visit, the best remained. Nigerian students abroad perform better than their peers around the world. This shows that an enabling environment can change things. But they damaged the education system. You messed everything up. Nothing is the same because of bad leadership.”

He wondered why the universities in 21st century Nigeria should go on strike and said:< /p>

I can’t even fathom why young people don’t go to school. I cannot explain why this endless strike goes on without a solution. Apparently this tells me that the leadership is not interested in the future of our children and their education because their children are abroad.

“In the same way, they have ignored and are ignoring the nation’s health care system all go abroad for treatment. Tell me why these things shouldn’t work. In Nigeria in the 21st century, there is still talk of teachers going on strike to strengthen the education system. Isn’t that a pity? “

The AreaFada questioned the amount earmarked for education and healthcare.

According to him:

< blockquote>“With all the budget for education and health, these two sectors are still struggling. What is the budget for Aso Rock Clinic? But when the President is sick, does he go to the clinic? We all know where they are going.

“The situation of our young people in terms of their education is sad. Young people should wake up.”