Nov 28, 2021

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Bailout scandal: Kogi state denies ownership of returned N19.3bn, challenges EFCC to provide evidence

  • Possession of the N19.3 billion returned by the EFCC to the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has been denied by the government of Kogi State
  • < li> The state asked the EFCC to withdraw the statement that the funds belong to Kogi within 48 hours or to initiate legal action. Funds withdrawn to the Nigerian Apex Bank

The Kogi state government has responded to reports that the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has allegedly returned N19. 33 billion salary bailouts it received back to the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN)

Premium Times reports that the Northern Government has refused to take possession of the funds, making claims as “mischievous, wrong and politically motivated. “

Kingsley Fanwo, Commissioner for Information and Communication of Kogi State, asked the Commission to withdraw the statistics that the fund, which is allegedly returned to the CBN was heard from Kogi or legal action was taken within 48 hours.

Fanwo spoke in Lagos on Sunday, November 21, that the government had paid off its bailout loans < / p>

According to him, the state does not operate a fixed-term deposit account, which in a letter dated 1.

He asked the EFCC to provide details on the To announce the fixed deposit account, as no one or group has such an account without a mandate, an agreement tion about the term, the interest, and the rest.

He said:

“The Kogi government supposedly knows absolutely nothing about the property and control of the said 19.3 billion N returned to the CBN.

“The government of Kogi has not opened or operated a fixed deposit account for the salary rescue of the Kogi state, no. 0073572696, where it is said that funds were allegedly stored and withdrawn and now allegedly returned to the CBN. ”

EFCC gives 19.3 billion

Remember Be aware that the EFCC said it had returned N 19.3 billion bailouts allegedly hidden by the Kogi State government to the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

The Anti-Graft Agency had previously stated that the money intended for paying the salaries of state employees was on a ve The EFCC said the CBN had received the amount from N 19.3 billion confirmed that it recovered from the Kogi State salary account located at the bank.

Kogi commissioner alleges why Yahaya Bello is in a N19.3 billion rescue scandal

In a related development, Kingsley Fanwo, Kogi State Commissioner for Information, has claimed that some of the governors interested in the 2023 presidential election are using EFCC to discredit Governor Bello.

While commenting on the EFCC disclosure of the N19.3 billion allegedly hidden in an account by the Kogi State government, Fanwo accused the anti-transplant Agency to chase shadows.

D The Commissioner described the EFCC’s action as a politician-designed and carried out by the Anti-Transplant Agency.