Jan 25, 2022

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Bandits Impose Levy on Gold Site Operators in Katsina, Kill 2 People – Legit.ng

  • The operation of bandits in Katsina state has brought a new attack on the residents who are exposed to harsh conditions to survive
  • Bandits who live in the State operations have a levy of N10,000 to gold mine operators in the Jibia local government of Katsina State
  • The bandits also broke into a gold processing facility, where they killed two people and five of the operators injured and eleven other people kidnapped

Two people were killed by bandits invading a gold processing plant in Jibia Governorate, Katsina State.

The Punch reports that the deceased were workers who worked at the gold mine in Bakin Korama Municipality, border town of State Council Magama Jibia.

The bandits should get out of the company Bern also charged the gold processing facility a fee of N10,000 to keep them in the s. There are around 70 small gold processing centers here.

It was determined that the gold processing centers should have opened about two weeks ago.

The leadership reports that the bandits attacked the premises on Thursday, January 7th at around 8:00 pm for a two-hour operation that killed two operators and injured five others.

< p class = "align-left"> In addition, 11 workers were kidnapped by bandits from the processing plant during the attack.

Confirmation of the incident, the chairman of Katsina Minerals Processors, Tasi ‘u Abdullahi said that one of the abducted operators was later released by the bandits.

Abdullahi added that the bandits had also given the released abductee a letter in which the imposition of the levy on the operator.

He said:

“I later received a report from a nearby village chief that one of the kidnappers d victim was eventually sent by the bandits with a handwritten letter saying that the gangster attack was just the beginning was. “

” However, they seek our cooperation by always making sure that we follow their guidelines. The guideline stipulates that the processing centers pay a contribution of N 10,000. “

I don’t even have anything to eat: Katsina Mann says, as he removes the roof, to the ransom of N 100,000 pay

An elderly Katsina farmer, Saidu Faskari, removed and sold the roof of his house to raise the ransom because bandits demanded the release of his son.

< p class = "align-left"> Faskari himself was kidnapped by the bandits first and his children collected N50,000 to secure his release.

However, his eldest son, who gave birth the ransom was held while the bandits demanded 100,000 N for his release.

Buy weapons, defend yourselves, says Governor Masari to the residents of Katsina

Residents of Katsina were urged by the state governor Aminu Masari to oppose bandits defend.

According to Governor Masari, security officials alone cannot counter the insecurity in the state during a media conference.

Masari said the state government would help those who plan to own weapons to put an end to banditry.