Sep 20, 2021

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Bandits Told Me Their New Strategy to Escape Military Airstrikes, Gumi

  • According to Sheikh Ahmad Gumi, bandits have boasted that military air strikes cannot suppress or eliminate them
  • Gumi said the criminals are very good at fleeing familiar routes in times of heavy fire by troops in forest hideouts
  • The cleric suggested that the security authorities cooperate with local shepherds who know the area

Sheikh Ahmad Gumi has proven again that he is in constant talks with bandits who are terrorizing parts of northern Nigeria.

In a recent article, the Islamic cleric revealed that the armed gang had told him that air strikes could only harm their wives and children because they had discovered new ways to escape military air strikes,” reports Punch.

Gumi said that Bandits have mastered navigating land routes during the Air Force bombardments, and as such it becomes difficult, if not impossible, to reach.

In the article, also by The Cable was read, he revealed:

“What you may not hear is that the bandits have evolved over the years escape routes from air raids. They told us, ‘You can only kill our women and children with your attacks.

“The point is that if Zamfara burns for you, it goes without saying that you will migrate to other areas. So will the whole of Nigeria be locked up without contact with the outside world? ”

For the future, the devout Muslim suggested good information gathering, competent police work and the commitment of local shepherds, rehabilitation, reconciliation and reparation for all victims of banditry as solutions.

Gumi added:

“The good, honest justice that protects people’s rights. Money and time well invested will surely kill the disease and heal the nation from that crime, crimes and bad governance. ”

Don’t use military force against bandits, they’re going nowhere, Sheikh Gumi tells FG

In the meantime no other person than the controversial Islamic cleric Gumi has sent a message to the Nigerian federal government.

The clergyman, who condemned the current military offensive against armed shepherds and bandits, insisted that the move would not cease its activities.

He did so on Monday, September 6th , announced on his verified Facebook page. In his opinion, the military operation will only complicate the crisis.