Dec 4, 2022

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Benue Lawmaker, Godday Samuel, Aides Dragged to EFCC, ICPC Over COVID-19 Loan Kickbacks –

  • The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission and the Independent Corruption Practices Commission (ICPC) have been called upon to open an investigation into the financial activities of a Benue state legislature
  • A petition has been written against Godday Samuel accusing him of allegedly diverting funds and collecting COVID-19 loan reimbursements
  • According to the petitioners, it is The COVID-19 intervention funds and loan were transferred from NIRSA Microfinance Bank directly to a bank account owned by a Benard Ekah Musa

Lawmaker representing Apa/Agatu federal constituency Godday Samuel has been taken before the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and the Independent Corrupt Practices Commission (ICPC) over alleged bribe payments for COVID-19 loans.

The Petition written to anti-graft agencies by Barrister James Hope of Choicevine Legal & Consulting on behalf of Sunday Philip and Ehoche J. Ehoche accused Godday and the others of mismanagement, extortion, criminal conspiracy, misrepresentation and illegal diversion of COVID-19 intervention funds.

In the petition The complainants alleged that the funds diverted from Samuel and his cronies were loans made to benefit some constituents in the Apa /Agatu in Benue State.

The petitioners further alleged that in some cases the COVID-19 intervention funds and loans were transferred directly to a bank account by NIRSA Microfinance Bank which belonged to a certain Benard Ekah Musa.

It found that Musa, a senior legislative advisor to Samuel, who received the funds in his account, be before being then distributed indiscriminately to a few select voters using partial consideration.

EFCC and ICPC Expectations

The petitioners requested the anti-graft Agencies to conduct a thorough investigation into the above suspects to investigate their involvement in the Covid -19 Intervention Fund/Loan alleged fraud.

The petition reads in part:

“Our clients are social rights/development rights crusaders and advocates of public accountability. The Commission would like to remind that there was a global lockdown due to the outbreak of the deadly Coronavirus i In 2019.

“The Commission would also like to remind that the Federal Government of Nigeria released various amounts of money to the citizens to cushion the negative effects of the lockdown. Some of the Covid-19 intervention funds were packaged in the form of soft loans, while others were disbursed in the form of direct grants.”

According to the petitioners, this is common knowledge that the COVID-19 intervention funds and loans were mainly disbursed by the Central Bank of Nigeria-funded NIRSA Microfinance Bank.

You said it might interest the Commission to know that Samuel is the current member of the House of Representatives representing the good but impoverished people of the Apa/Agatu federal constituency in the National Assembly.

The other suspects mentioned here are his aides received numerous Complaints from some constituent members of the Apa/Agatu federal constituency regarding the disbursement of the Covid-19 intervention funds/loans.

It has been alleged that the office of a certain Ho n. Godday Samuel Odagboyi swore with some employees of NIR SAL Microfinance Bank will receive bribes from the total of COVID-19 intervention funds money and loans released to constituents.

It added:

“The alleged criminal scheme involved the suspects mentioned in this petition and some other aides of the Honorable Godday Samuel Odagboyi, who said they received various sums of money from the Covid-19 19 intervention funds and loans raised through their bank account numbers under the false pretense that the bribes were needed by CBN staff to facilitate future release of the funds.”

< p class="align-left" >It has also been alleged that in some cases the Covid-19 intervention funds/loans were transferred directly from NIRSA Microfinance Bank to a bank account owned by a Benard Ekah Musa who was a senior he Legislative Adviser is the Hon. Godday Samuel Odagboyi, whose funds were then randomly distributed to a select few voters, using partial consideration.

Petitioners said:

“It is curious why the NIRSAL Microfinance Bank Political is allegedly disbursing loan monies belonging to multiple beneficiaries into a single bank account from a Political Aid is an abuse of due process and may provoke corruption.

“This allegation of criminal conspiracy needs careful investigation to restore citizens’ fading hope for future intervention programs that could be tackled by the federal government of Nigeria.”

It has also been alleged that some of the constituents who were the beneficiaries of the COVID-19 loans were also deceived and instructed to transfer various amounts of money in cash from their COVID-19 intervention funds/loans and these were handed over to the aides-de-camp to the Hon Godday Samuel Odagboyi and some others appointed by them.

The petitioners’ prayers to the anti-graft agencies

The Petitioners asked the anti-graft agencies to take the following actions in particular:

A thorough investigation of the above suspects with a view to determining their involvement in alleged chem fraud with the Covid-19 Intervention Funds/Loans, NIRSAL Microfinance Bank staff and relevant public/officials to thoroughly investigate and all also x-ray and carefully analyze the bank account numbers and other financial records of the Hon. Godday Samuel Odagboyi, Benard Ekah Musa, Hon. Ogweje Usman Ngbede (Victor) and all other aides, cronies, collaborators, friends, political/business associates and family members.

According to the petitioners, the agencies respectfully indicate whether Samuel Odagboyi unlawfully took direct or indirect financial advantage of the proceeds of the kickbacks of COVID-19 intervention funds/loans intended for Apa/Agatu federal constituency voters.

They also asked the authorities to thoroughly investigate NIRSA Microfinance Bank and determine whether all required procedures were followed in releasing the COVID-19 intervention funds/d Loans to them were Apa/Agatu federal constituency voters.

This was to show whether unauthorized persons were allowed to illegally access the Covid-19 intervention funds/loans in an inappropriate manner benefit contrary to CBN policy and anti-corruption policy of Nigerian federal government.

It added:

“To with the constituent members of the Apa/Agatu federal constituency to interact to determine the scale of the fraud scheme and the quantity of funds involved in order to take appropriate recovery/restoration measures against the fraudsters and their cronies Intervention funds/loans released to Apa/Agatu federal constituency voters. vi Expand investigation to all other covid-19 palliative materials intended for Apa/Agatu federal constituency voters to determine if there has been an element of distraction, material hoarding, theft and embezzlement that was used against violates existing Nigerian penal laws.”

Finally, the petitioners said:

“Our clients are available and will endeavor to provide them with all relevant information and documents and also to get the investigative team to contact the victims of the alleged Covid-19 Intervention Funds/Loans fraud to assist their investigations.

Our customers wish to use this medium to demonstrate their unwavering loyalty to the President and Supreme Commander of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and his anti-corruption crusade. Please really count on our clients to act wisely and swiftly from the Commission.”

Falsification: APC Attorney Petitions Review Board Wants Benue Reps Candidate, Oche Disqualified

In another event, attorneys within the All Progressives Congress urged the party to ensure that a candidate for the House of Representatives is disqualified.

The call was made by the Lawyers in a May 14 petition sent to the national secretariat of the ruling party.

According to the lawyers, if it is allowed to oche, they are wondering the party’s flag to hoist has become the fate of the APC.

Fake: CSO reacts as police release jailed Benue APC Reps candidate

The release of an aspiring lawmaker by the police had sparked a reaction from a civil society org anisation.

The National Freedom and Justice Movement (NLJM) has urged police to ensure the agency is not intimidated by threats from politicians in Benue .

The organization believes that in cases of forgery and perjury against Engineer Sunday Oche, the law should be given full rein.