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Bigamy and Best*iality: What Nigerian Law Says about Marrying Multiple Wives and Sleeping with Animals – Legit.ng

Recently, the Nigerian social media space has been awash with reports of alleged bigamy involving a Nollywood actor, Yul Edochie, and bestiality involving a lady was who claimed to have slept with a dog in exchange for money.

Bigamy is the act of marrying a person while still legally one is married to another.

Bestiality simply refers to sexual relations between a human and an animal.

Yul Edochie and Bigamy

< p class="align-left">Nigerian Nollywood star Yul Edochie on Wednesday April 27th announced a second wife, whom he identified as Judy Austin Muoghalu, and a child, whom he called Star, whom he said was that it was a product of the relationship that must have started long ago.

While there are reports that Edochies allegedly If the second wife was a hoax, the situation serves as a learning curve for Nigerians.

If it were true, the Nollywood star would have been in danger of committing bigamy.

< h2>What does Nigerian law say about bigamy?

Festus Ogun, a Nigerian lawyer and human rights activist, said there is no Nigerian law that prevents a man from having more than one Ogun pointed out, however, that if a Nigerian man marries under the Marriage Act (aka court marriage), he risks committing bigamy and being imprisoned to become.

His words:

< blockquote>“In general, marrying another woman is a right that can be exercised by a man. It is backed by law, logic and public morals. There is no law in this country preventing a man from marrying more than one woman.

“The Only Exception Here the man married under the Marriage Act, popularly known as a ‘court marriage’. A woman who does not want her husband to marry another woman must ensure that a legal marriage is contracted. This prohibits the man from marrying another woman – until death parts the parties. If a legally married man dares to marry another woman, he risks imprisonment. This is enforced by section 46 and 47 of the Marriage Act.”

The Nigerian lady who claims to sleep with dogs

Also recently a young slim, The fair-skinned lady with the TikTok -User ID @Veegodess said bestiality isn’t a big deal.

In a viral TikTok video, she claimed she slept with a dog for N1.7 million In response, the police promised a proper unt investigating the matter and prosecuting her and many others involved in such “dirty acts” accordingly.

However, she later said that she was merely “Cruise catch,” slang for banter.

Bestiality in Nigeria: what the law says

Speaking about the development, Ogun said if If the lady’s claim had been true, she would have risked imprisonment for 14 years.

“If it were true, the lady who claims to have carnal knowledge of dogs turns herself in face 14 years imprisonment with no option to fine.

“According to § 214 Abs. 2 StGB it is punishable to have sexual acts with animals.

“It is not only dangerous to health, it is morally reprehensible and disregards the basic rights of animals ‘ Ogun told Legit.ng.