Jan 27, 2023

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Blasphemy: Sheikh Gumi Reveals How Prophet Muhammad Reacted When He Was Repeatedly Insulted While Alive – Legit.ng

  • During his life, Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was repeatedly insulted by non-Muslims, but he never attacked anyone, said Sheikh Gumi
  • The A prominent Islamic cleric said the Prophet’s refusal to avenge the insults rained on him by non-Muslims was because he did not want to be labeled a murderer.
  • < strong>Gumi’s testimony follows the killing of a Christian student Deborah Samuel in Sokoto state for allegedly blasphemous remarks about the Prophet Muhammad

Kaduna – Sheikh Ahmad Gumi, a well-known Islamic cleric, says that the Prophet of Islam, Muhammad (SAW), was insulted by non-Muslims several times during his life.

The cleric explained that the Prophet, however, refused to attack or even kill anyone who disliked his charak tere.

PR Nigeria reported that Gumi announced this during a religious instruction class ss in his mosque Kaduna Juma’at.< /p>

The Kaduna-based scholar, in a video clip obtained and translated by PRNigeria, said the Prophet’s refusal to avenge the insults of non-Muslims rained on him during his lifetime , because he didn’t want to be seen or branded as a murderer.

The best way Muslims can show that they love Prophet Muhammad – Gumi

Furthermore, Sheikh Gumi remarked that the best way Muslims can show that they love Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is by sticking to his religious teaching and obeying him completely, rather than killing people for trivial matters.’ /p>

According to him, both Nigerian Muslims and Christians have embraced it f agreed to live together harmoniously, therefore, being a secular state, no religious law is applied in the country.

“Therefore, anyone who kills a non-Muslim with whom he has agreed living together peacefully will not smell the scent of paradise for 40 years,” he said.

Bla sphemy: Gumi tells other Islamic clerics what to do

Sheikh Gumi urged his Islamic clerics to impart solid religious teachings to their followers instead of inciting them to “reprehensible” acts.

He reiterated that in Islam no one allows it is to take laws in hand.

“If we think by killing Deborah, people who don’t have the same faith as we will stop insulting our prophet, then we are in a deception,” he concluded.

Deborah’s murder: Bishop Kukah puts kathol ian masses in Sokoto

Meanwhile, the Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Sokoto, Matthew Hassan-Kukah, has suspended all masses in the metropolitan city of Sokoto.

This was included in a statement on Saturday, May 14, signed by the Director of Social Communications of the Catholic Diocese of Sokoto, Rev. Christopher Omotosho.

Omotosho also debunked the reports claiming that Kukah’s home had been attacked.