Oct 4, 2022

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Bloomberg Interview: Buhari’s Claims a Mere Expression, Citizens Have No Connection with Govt, Says Rafsanjani – Legit.ng

  • President Buhari’s claims that his government has done a good job in fighting insecurity and corruption have been dismissed as a mere fragment of words with no basis
  • The Chairman of the Transition Monitoring Group (TMG), Comrade Auwal Rafsanjani, made the announcement on Wednesday 22 June of responsive governance as the first step in curbing frequent IPOB attacks
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    FCT, Abuja – The Chairman of the Transition Monitoring Group (TMG) has downplayed Comrade Auwal Rafsanjani’s comments by President Muhammadu Buhari, who described his achievements in in his recent interview with an American media outlet, Bloomberg News.

    He noted that the current government dispensation has failed citizens in all branches, particularly in the Gove areahave tax officials siphoning off taxpayers’ money for their own personal gain.

    Rafsanjani said:

    “As it is now, Nigerians have none connection to the government, they don’t feel that the government and some government officials are so evil that they are siphoning taxpayers’ money and they are doing it with impunity.

    “So Nigerians don’t see what the Government does because it doesn’t touch them. In terms of education, health care, infrastructure and security, they don’t see anything.

    “So when the government talks about reaching all those millstones, Nigerians see it as something abstract because they don’t see it , they don’t feel.”

    Rafsanjani responds to Buhari’s call to ban IPOB

    He further stated that the government must work towards bringing hope and Restoring confidence in Nigerians as the system has been distorted from local government cadre up to national cadre.

    In response to the President’s appeal to international allies, the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra ( IPOB) and declare it a terrorist group, Rafsanjani stated that the government should first address critical issues of injustice instead of militarizing the whole process.

    Rafsanjani pointed out that the UK and US are already taking steps to monitor IPOB’s activities and urged the government to address instances of injustice with intentional and genuine intervention.

    He said :

    “As long as we continue to militarize the process, it will be difficult for everyone to have meaningful dialogue rather than an escalation of the conflict. Therefore, the government must ensure that issues constituting injustice must be addressed, the breakdown of responsive governance and corruption leaks must also be addressed. Once this is done and people see a development then people we can actually support government efforts.”

    Polls of 2023: TMG works with election stakeholders to improve security – Rafsanjani< /h2>

    When asked about the role of TMG and other civil society organizations in ensuring adequate security in the upcoming general election, and noting the tensions of uncertainty and voter fear of turnout , Rafsanjani said joint efforts and processes are already underway to salvage the situation.

    He explained that the core of the move is on Nigerians’ vulnerability to insecurity and threats to their lives.

    Rafsanjani said:

    “When we conducted an election survey on security threats in e some states of Nigeria, we found that the Nigerians in those states face a huge threat either from powerful individuals in the community or even some agents of the state or some individual politicians who engage or appoint violence against peace loving Nigerians. “

    The TMG chair assured Nigerians that the group is already “working with state and non-state actors to ensure the safety and security of the Nigerian people during and after the elections.” will be strengthened and guaranteed.”

    Ekiti 2022: Group condemns rampant voter lure in elections, praises INEC achievement

    In another development, the Transition Monitoring Group (TMG) INEC commended for its performance in the Ekiti gubernatorial election.

    The group also commended the efficiency of the security forces involved were able to maintain normality during the elections.

    However, the leader of the parliamentary group, Auwal Musa Rafsanjani, condemned the dominance of vote-buying during the elections.

    Ekiti 2022: Vote-buying and vote-stealing rise in polls while INEC stays clean

    In another similar report, a persistent case of voter incitement is said to have taken over the Ekiti gubernatorial election process .

    The Yiaga Africa election observation group said voter incentives are underway at some polling stations across the state.

    It has been also found that ballot boxes were stolen from at least two polling stations in Ilawe Ekiti State.

    Source: Legit.ng