Oct 23, 2021

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BREAKING: Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp Services Coming Back Online after Huge Global Shut Down

Facebook and its apps seem to go online again after a major failure.

Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger and the most important Facebook app all were offline for more than six hours during one of the biggest technical failures in the company’s history.

The problems also affected Facebook’s internal services – apparently they could not be properly resolved after the failure – and the extra web traffic sent to competitors like Twitter and Telegram resulted in a dramatic slowdown.

Facebook spokespeople apologized to everyone about the problems but little to explain how the world’s largest websites were offline most of the day.

It is likely that any corrections will take some time to filter out , and users might have problems doing it anyway n long after a solution is in place, since the infrastructure is relatively large and unwieldy, a company like Facebook and the many other apps it operates.

As Facebook for example went back online, users reported seeing “Login Error Code 2”. used to alert the company to connection errors. Some Instagram feeds could not be loaded and WhatsApp often hangs around with a “connection message”.

But even that was a significant improvement over the series of error messages and unloaded pages, which were welcomed to users of Facebook and its other services around the world for much of Tuesday.

The technical problems are likely to prove very costly. Facebook revenue was around $ 10 million an hour last year – and many other outside companies rely heavily on the app, Instagram, and WhatsApp to do their business.

Facebook barely gave any indication of what caused the problem or how it was eventually fixed. Instead, his staff and official accounts vaguely apologized on Twitter and promised to do everything possible to get things back to normal as soon as possible.