Sep 20, 2021

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Breaking: Governor Obiano leads protest against IPOB sit-at-home order

  • The governor of Anambra, Willie Obiano, stormed on Monday the 13th. IPOB had ordered citizens of the state in solidarity with the group to stay home every Monday.
  • Obiano stated, however, that the IPOB regulation has reduced the economic activities of the state in the past few weeks

< strong> Awka, Anambra – The governor of Anambra, Willie Obiano, has a protest against the continued sit-at-home order of the indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB) in the state.

The Punch reports that although IPOB later suspended the order, residents continue to return home every Monday, allegedly for fear of possible gangster attacks.

Dem According to a report, Obiano, who headed members of his executive board during the protest, visited banks and markets in the head of state and urged traders to cease their business to open the Eke Awka market.

He said:

“The state must avoid giving sea urchins the opportunity to take over the market of affairs. I decided to lead the front line to put an end to this fear of harassment, harassment and intimidation. “

After the governor’s action, socio-economic activities, including transportation, arose -, banking and market activity serious around 1pm in the area

The report said that on Sunday, September 12th, Obiano threatened to seal banks and market and punish car park drivers who would dare to stay home on Mondays or any day so declared by the indigenous peoples of Biafra.

Obiano has banks, markets and car parks in the state instructed to be infallible on Monday.

He said compliance with sit-at-home regulations has been detrimental to gross domestic product (GDP) and the general economy of the state.

Obiano said:

” I asked the commuters to drive their usual routes through the state on Monday, regardless of whether they drive or drive motorcycles, Keke, shuttles, buses.

> “If the markets don’t open, I’ll let go of market leadership. If the market and park leaders do not adhere to them, their leadership will be changed within two weeks. ”

Governor Uzodimma reacts to IPOB’s sit-at-home arrangement

It was reported that Imo State Governor made the call when he was speaking in front of the congregation in the government building chapel in Owerri after the service on Sunday September 12th.

He urged residents to go about their normal business, adding that those behind the order had been identified and would soon be arrested and charged.