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BREAKING: Man Stoned, Burnt to Death for Alleged Blasphemy in Abuja – Legit.ng

  • Another alleged case of blasphemy has led to the killing of a man allegedly identified as Small Hundaru in Abuja
  • Hundaru has been accused of den for insulting Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and was stoned and burned by a mob.
  • The latest killing occurred a few weeks after Deborah Samuel, a student at Shehu Shagari College of Education in Sokoto, was killed for alleged blasphemy

FCT, Abuja – A member of a vigilante group alleged as Small Hundaru was killed in the Lugbe area of ​​Abuja for allegedly insulting the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Daily Trust reported that the mob Murder took place in the timber market section of the fruit market in the federal settlement of Lugbe.

Eyewitnesses said the victim, a Muslim, was from the insult to the Prophet was known and the last was on Saturday at midnight.

But the mob action took place on Saturday June 4th around 1pm after they had taken refuge in the vigilante office in the market.

Security officers were outnumbered

Local security officers were found to be outnumbered before he in front was killed in the office and then burned.

A trader in the market named Halilu was quoted as saying :

“The guy is known as Little Hundaru , this was not the first time he insulted the Prophet before the action was taken.

“He was caught after buying groceries in the market in the afternoon, for when the blasphemy took place were only few people there, then he was hit on the head with a stick. Although he had a gun with him, it was secured before the beating.

“He was then stoned before he ran to the office. His colleagues in the office were aware of this but could not protect him due to the many people following him. After he was unconscious, he was doused in petrol and, so as not to incite fear in the market, he was burned outside the office.”

According to the Daily Trust, the burnt tires he was burned with could be seen while traders went about their business in anticipation of any violence.

However, with the presence of police officers, the place was calm, but three people are said to have been shot dead by the police.

The Nation also reported on the tragic incident, citing an eyewitness who pleaded for anonymity by saying:

“There is a stampede when the police fire shots to finish off people.”

During Daily Trust stated that Hundaru’s body was cremated, The Nation stated that the victim was burned to death.

Before some weeks Deborah Sa muel, a student at Shehu Shagari College of Education in Sokoto, was also killed for alleged blasphemy.

Blasphemy: Professor, 33 other lawyers appear in court to defend alleged killers of Deborah Samuel

Meanwhile, a team of 34 lawyers appeared in court on Monday, May 16 to defend two suspects arrested in the murder of Deborah.

The team was led by a professor, Mansur Ibrahim. The suspects were tried after their arrest last week for their role in the gruesome murder of Miss Deborah.

The young lady was allegedly stoned to death and then burned by a mob Blasphemy against Prophet Muhammad (SAW) in a WhatsApp group.

Source: Legit.ng