Oct 3, 2022

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BREAKING: Tension as Okada riders set houses on fire over death of 2 colleagues in Abuja – Legit.ng

Over 100 motorcyclists reportedly attacked Same Global Estate in the Lokogoma area of ​​Abuja to avenge the deaths of two colleagues.

The incident happened after a motorist reportedly hit two Okada drivers on Sunday and ran into the property for safety reasons.

The Punch reported that the Okada drivers set fire to two buildings on the property.

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Residents of the property were quoted as saying that the motorcyclists attacked the property to apprehend an unidentified motorist.

She found that the motorist was being chased by a huge crowd of motorcyclists after running over two motorcyclists.

It was learned that security forces had arrived at the property to investigate further property damage

The estate manager, Adebisi Adelowo, was quoted as saying:

“More than 100 Hausa cyclists attacked our estate a few hours ago. They tried to burn down the property by setting fire to two buildings.

“They tore down our gate and started stoning people’s houses. We couldn’t stop them until the police and army got involved.

“We later learned that they had attacked our property because two of their colleagues were killed by a motorist who ran into our property as a precaution were driven he was chased with large stones and other dangerous weapons.

“The driver, who does not even live on our property, ran into the property because he noticed a police post in front of the property.”< /blockquote> blockquote>