Dec 7, 2022

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BREAKING: Why I will no longer contest again, governorship candidate gives painful reason –

  • Wole Oluyede has expressed regret for joining politics after the turn of events in the just concluded Ekiti elections
  • < strong>According to Australia-based doctor Doktor, he has lost hope in the Ekiti state election process.
  • Meanwhile, the gubernatorial candidate promised the outcome of the June 18 election would not to question

The African Democratic Congress gubernatorial candidate in Ekiti state’s gubernatorial election on Saturday, Wole Oluyede, expressed regret on Wednesday said he joined politics after the turn of events in the election.

Oluyede, an Australia-based doctor, said he had hope in the election process lost in Ekiti State, said: “I will not run again because I think every contest is now for the highest bidder and I will not waste my time and energy.”

The ADC candidate, who came fourth in the poll, said d that he knowingly refused to buy votes in Saturday’s election, adding: “I’ve lost hope for the whole process in the state, it’s a tragedy. I didn’t intentionally buy votes from Ekiti people.

“I can’t use my hard-earned resources to go around talking to people about why I should be elected and I still have to buy people, security agencies and the independent national electoral commission. It seems that politics here doesn’t mean the best comes out,” he said.

Oluyede said he will get the result of the election, which he said is high-grade monetized, not challenge it in court, Saying this would be a waste of time as he claimed that the entire election process, including the election commissioner and security agencies, was hijacked by vote-buyers, making it easy to win voters unhindered.

He said, “Ekiti people have elected the leader they want by raising money to be able to vote, and they shouldn’t worry about lack of basic and social needs in the future facilities complain. The problem Ekiti has now is that people are poor and so they could buy their conscience. This is what the All Progressives Congress used to win the hearts of many.

“More worrying is the fact that people do not want a solution to the problem of poverty . Because of this, even when we came up with an agenda to address the poverty they faced, they still expected us to buy their votes before we could help them. The winner isn’t the best, but it’s the one people deserve.

“It was amicable. No one can say the incentive was forced upon them. Personally, I learned a new lesson about Ekiti. If I had known that, I would not have become a politician, let alone run for elections.”