Dec 7, 2022

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Buhari Must Prosecute High-Profile Criminals to Restore Public Trust, Says Rafsanjani –

  • The Civil Society Center for Legislative Advocacy (CISLAC) said the relentless rate of corruption in the defense and security sectors is at the root of national instability
  • CISLAC blamed this factor as the reason Nigerian troops and other security agencies have been left powerless in the fight against corruption.
  • However, the group urged the President to step up efforts to combat to intensify corruption Corruption to restore public confidence

FCT, Abuja – President Muhammadu Buhari became the Opening prompted a case in the N1.85 billion controversy discovered by the Independent Commission on Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offenses (ICPC) at the home of a military contractor, the K. Salam Construction Company w urden.

As included in the statement, Rafsanjani stated that the ICPC is required to thoroughly investigate the case to determine the origin of the money and other luxurious items recovered by the contractor to investigate.

Corruption in the defense sector, a main reason for the national instability – CISLAC

He expressed concern about the incessant corrupt procurement method in the country and stated that investigations should begin to uncover the perpetrators in order to impose appropriate sanctions and prosecutions.

Rafsanjani said:

“Although defense spending of the nation have been buried under utter secrecy and institutionalized corruption that impede efficient services and the security of the nation,


“Those from the Anti-Graft Institution revealed fact Findings have indeed validated CISLAC/TI Nigeria’s continued public outcry for transparency and accountability in defense procurement and spending ingrained symptoms of the unquantified scale of systemic corruption dominating defense procurement.”

He also raised concerns about the accountability of funds destined for military arms procurement.< /p>

Rafsanjani recalled that diverting defense and security funds into private pockets poses a major challenge to Nigeria’s national security.

He cited a lack of adequate equipment and a poor salary package as fundamental problems, despite the huge allocation of funds security and defense sectors requires serious attention.

Buhari must boldly fight corruption to restore public confidence, says Rafsanjani

Meanwhile, Rafsanjani rebuked also the Defense Ministry’s refusal to publicly declare its spending, frustrating efforts by civil society groups to ensure transparency.

Rafsanjani singled out defense sector corruption as the main cause of socio-economic instability and terrorism in the country.

He further stressed that the deliberate disregard and delay in some high-profile corruption cases is a c A clear sign of a selective fight against corruption in the public Sector.

However, Rafsanjani said President Buhari has time to demand compensation by making it happen e that high-profile corruption cases would be properly decided in court.

He charged the President to fight corruption with sincerity and steadfastness in order to regain public trust.

The citizens have no connection to the government, says Rafsanjani.

In another development, President Buhari’s claims that his government had done a good job of fighting insecurity and corruption have been dismissed as a mere fragment of words that is unfounded.

The Chairman of the Transition Monitoring Group (TMG), Comrade Auwal Rafsanjani, announced this on Wednesday, June 22.

The pragmatic comrade urged the government to address critical issues of injustice and collapse through responsive governance as the first step in curbing IPOB’s frequent attacks.

2023: There is no alternative to participation, get yourself Your PVCs, CSOs tell Nigerian youth

Meanwhile, civil societies have begun to intensify campaigns to raise awareness among Nigerian youth of the need to participate in the upcoming elections n.

YIAGA Africa has warned Nigerian youth that the upcoming general election is crucial to their future and just attending can be a major factor in making Nigeria a better place.

< p class="align-left">The election monitoring organization described the outrageous price of political parties’ candidate nomination forms as an attempt to auction off Nigeria’s leadership