Dec 9, 2021

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Buhari pledges citizen-led policing system —

President Muhammadu Buhari has promised the nation “a citizen-led police system” and stated that his government is determined to change the principle and strategy of policing in Nigeria.

Mr. Femi Adesina, The president’s spokesman said in a statement that Buhari made the promise when speaking on Tuesday before the passed out parade of 418 officers from the 3rd regular cadet course at the Nigeria Police Academy, Wudil-Kano.

The President, represented by Minister of Police Affairs Maigari Dingyadi at the event, explained his instruction to upgrade police salaries to the National Commission on Salaries, Income and Wages.

He said a citizen-led police system informed about the approval of the adoption of the Community Police as a strategy for the internal security of the country as well as about the approval of funds to support the implementation process.

Z u The revised salaries and allowances for the Nigeria Police Department, which The President said would be in line with the vital roles they perform as a lead agency in the area of ​​homeland security.

The President noted that the Police reform initiative launched by his government has focused on improving police welfare, recruiting 10,000 junior police officers annually, investing in upgrading the Nigeria Police Academy facilities and other police training facilities in the country, among others.

” Also a Nigeria Police Academy (Establishment) The draft law is currently being discussed by the National Assembly. Once passed, the bill will fully legally support the existence and academic programs of the Nigeria Police Academy, and fully legitimize its status as a police university.

“Also, as part of our police reform initiatives, the Department of Police Affairs-based Police Complaints Committee for Public Complaints was revived with the mandate to receive complaints from the public about cases of abuse and ill-treatment by police officers.

“The PPCC has a membership consisting of officials from relevant MDAs and security agencies.

“An agreement reached by the Ministry of Police Affairs on a public-private partnership for the renewal of the national communication system for public safety has been approved by the federal board.

” This is to ensure that the police and other security authorities are in full Reactivation can take full advantage of this vital facility, “he said.

The president’s speech on the occasion of his government’s” thoughtful reform programs “to modernize and reposition the Nigerian police force to meet the needs of citizens and address current and evolving threats in the most efficient and professional manner possible.

“We restored the Department of Police in 2019 from the former Home Office.

“ This is with the intent of the Advance police reform process by initiating, formulating and implementing policies and programs related to policing and homeland security.

“This initiative should also provide oversight and administrative support to the force, particularly in the area of ​​training and capacity development as well as improving the budget profile of the Nigerian police.

In order to cope with police orders, I also approved the law on the trust fund of the Nigerian police on June 24, 2019 and continued the inauguration of the board of trustees to ensure the immediate operation of the fund.

“I I am kept informed by the Minister of Police Affairs about the activities of the Trust Fund and I am pleased that critical operational items, including built emergency vehicles and other police resources, are currently being made available through the intervention of the Trust Fund.

“I am confident that, with the continued intervention of the Trust Fund, the operational efficiency and human resource development goals of the Nigerian Police will be sustained and our internal security system will be improved in due course, ”he said. The President also said that On September 15, 2020 he approved the Nigerian Police Act, which has been in the Legislative Decree since 2014 experienced.

“The law replaces the repealed Nigerian Police Act, which had existed for over 77 years and which had become an archaic legal instrument and fundamental clogging the wheels of modern policing.

”The new Nigeria Police Act contains fundamental provisions that positively change the police narrative in Nigeria, as it legally supports the principle of community policing and addresses vital problems that have prevented a smooth police force in the past

“With the Nigeria Police Act 2020, the country has received a unique legal instrument that modernizes the police operation and said the Nigerian police to achieve their police mandate of the 21st.

In view of the various reforms, the president urged the young Officials advised that the task of assuming important police responsibilities would fall on their shoulders in due course, saying: < / p>

“The federal government and the citizens of this nation demand assurances from you that you will not fail yourself, your families, the Nigerian police and the nation in this role of national service.”

< The president also called on the new commission of 418 cadet officers, who are now deputy police commissioners, to be guided by the fact that their conduct in the field is under constant scrutiny.

He continued to remind them of this that they are personally responsible for their actions.

“You should remain good ambassadors for the Nigerian police force and show respect for civil society in the performance of your duties while showing no tolerance for corruption.

” To the commanders and other staff at the Academy, I commend you for your commitment, which ensured the proper indoctrination of these young officers and made today’s successful passing-out parade possible.

“I assure you of the continued support of this administration for the academy in achieving the purpose of its establishment.

” In this context, the Minister of Police is instructed to contact the Inspector General of Police and the Commander of the Academy in To connect to identify critical challenges facing the Police Academy and make a comprehensive proposal that will help the federal government address them, ”he said.

The President congratulated the Cadets and described the swooning parade as a further evidence of his government’s commitment to bridging the critical staffing gap that has hindered the optimal performance of the Nigerian police force.

“It also supports the federal government’s policy to develop new young civil servants who change the situation Encourage police work in Nigeria and act as the face of the new police force that we envision and desire in this country, ”he said.

In his remarks, Academy Commander Lawal Tanko Jimeta said the fainting ceremony was the third edition since the Academy was upgraded to a university, adding that no fewer than 1,000 well-trained civil servants have completed their training / p>

”The President thanked the President for the academy’s undaunted support, the Police Commissioner said within two years, 15 courses were successfully accredited by the National University Commission.

” We have, too Owned five iconic Central Bank of Nigeria projects, including a modern student dormitory, auditorium, forensics laboratory, indoor shooting range and fully equipped state-of-the-art ICT complex, among other achievements of the academy, ”he added. p>