Dec 4, 2022

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Buhari’s Govt Reveals Exact Date 5G Network Will Begin In Nigeria –

  • The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) announced the date for the start of 5G network in Nigeria
  • in a speech at a conference in Lagos announced On Thursday 23 June, NCC Vice-Chair Professor Umar Garba Danbatta said the date was Wednesday 24 August.
  • Danbatta noted that the timetable was given after the Commission took into account some challenges such as inflation, foreign exchange and others

Lagos – The federal government by The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has given telecom operators Wednesday 24 August as the launch date for the 5G network.

According to the NCC Vice-Chairman/CEO, Professor Umar Garba Danbatta , the mission will open up new opportunities for economic development.

The schedule w urde based on considering challenges such as inflation and given exchange rates, quality and adequate power supply as the world moves towards ecology, affordability of appliances and others.

In a In a statement released by Danbatta, the Commission noted that “Licensees are expected to start rolling out 5G services from August 24, 2022.”

“The successful completion of the processes leading to the issuance of the final letters , is a confirmation that Nigeria’s rollout of 5G technology services is on track and we are now confident that the 2022 timeline will be met.”

Is 5G Network Really Dangerous to Health? NCC makes clarifications and notes major benefits for Nigerians

Meanwhile, although the world has seen the deployment of five different generations of cellular technology since the 1980s, the 5G network has been the largest of them disputed.

The controversy is said to have been brought up by some conspiracy theorists who set out to find a connection between the Virus and 5G had made its use.

According to this, 5G radiation weakens the immune system and thus makes the body vulnerable to COVID-19, adding that the use of the technology would make people more susceptible to cancer.

5G network has nothing to do with cancer or other life-threatening diseases