Sep 21, 2021

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Chidinma Ibemere Writes Open Letter to Proponents of Sit-at-Home Action in Southeast

  • The opposition is growing daily against the sit-at-home action of certain elements in the southeastern region
  • Many Igbos are starting to express their disapproval of the action , as it has an impact on the region
  • An Igbo lady, Chidinma Ibemere, wrote an open letter to the supporters of the action, in which she explains how her campaign is going Ndigbo

Enugu – Chidinma Ibemere, an activist, visited her Instagram on Monday September 13th Page to highlight how the sit-at-home action in the Southeast is affecting the region.

Ibemere stated that the action would bring families, businesses, students and jobs in . burdens the once wild region.

Part of the letter read:

“I would like to sincerely commend the movement’s sincere efforts to bring back memories of Ndi Igbo preserve that we have wrongly lost since the civil war between Biafra and Nigeria. I pray for consolation for all those who mourn and constantly hope for our mantra #OZOEMENA.

“It has been five weeks since the implementation of the Sit-at-Home regulation in ala Igbo. The previous compliance, especially the kick-off day, shows great solidarity.

“I humbly suggest, however, that a review of this order by the valued management of IPOB be considered.

“It would have been more effective if the sit-at-home regulation affected the activities of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s case in one way or another. Obviously we are alone with this and it is having a serious impact on families, communities, WAEC candidates and, more broadly, our regional economy. doing their business has passed, but it’s the fear of the unknown that keeps them inside. The average Igbo man wishes for a long life in good health and prosperity.

“All aspects of our system as People continue to suffer from stress and strain in different ways. WE CANNOT BECOME WHAT WE ARE FIGHTING. Our loyalty to the struggle should not become a silent repression. Sitting at home should be arranged from a place of patriotism, not coercion . “

Meanwhile, the newspaper Punch reports that crooks enforce sitting. Order from home in Enugu h At Tuesday, September 14th, a bus was set on fire that was supplying customers with bread.

The driver of the bus was attacked by the gangsters and asked to turn back, but He reportedly disobeyed the instruction.

He reportedly ignored the warning and delivered his bread to customers before being dragged out of the vehicle to unload the bread that he carried with him before the bus was set on fire.

Sitting at home for the masses, not the elites

For his part, Governor Dave Umahi has of Ebonyi state states that the sit-at-home trend in the southeast is affecting residents, not governors like him or the elites.

The governor described the home sitting arrangement as “war that the people brought upon themselves”.

He added that the governors of the area did their best to encourage residents to stop obeying the order.

< h2> Sit at home, an unwise decision

Frank Nweke II, a former minister of information, has stated that the decision to sit at home is an unwise decision.

His words:

“It is highly unwise because those on whose behalf you claim to act are the recipients of your actions.”