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Chrisland Scandal: Tips on How You Can Link Your Children’s Mobile Device to Your Own – Legit.ng

  • Since Chrisland’s sex tape went viral on social media, parents and guardians have been wondering how such an incident could not happen in their domain
  • < strong>After this development, parents are wondering how to monitor their children’s mobile devices and what their children are exposed to online
  • In light of this, there are simple ways you can use the Easily link your kids’ mobile devices to your own

After Chrisland school’s sex tape went viral on social media , parents, guardians and even Teachers are concerned about the device being in their children’s hands.

But they are concerned about how to protect their children in this technology age.

< p class="align-left">BBC Pidgin chatted with an expert to share tips that parents h Elves would like to monitor their children’s mobile activities and keep their children safe online even if they can connect their cell phones to their children’s.

Taiwo Ogunlade said it There is a Google app called Family Link designed for households to help them monitor their children’s activities online.

According to Ogunlade, parents can link their phones and certain Block or allow content on their kids’ phones. This way parents could know what kind of content their kids are exposed to.

You can use the app to block “dirty” websites and other unwanted content. Parents can use the app to set the time period during which the child can use the device. This means parents can turn off the device when the time allotted on the device is up.

How to link your kids’ mobile device to your own

1. Create a Gmail account

A Gmail account is required as the first step in linking your child’s mobile device to your own. A Gmail account will be created containing your child’s actual age.

2. Install Google Family Link

After creating a Gmail account with your child’s actual age, the next important step is to install the Google Family Link app on your phone ( the parents’ phone) )

3. Add Registered Gmail ID

After successfully installing the Google Family Link application on your phone as a guardian or parent, the next important step is to add the registered Gmail ID of your Add child to Google family connection.

4. Link Email ID

The next and final step is to link your child’s email ID in order to sign in and to the child’s device activate.

< p class="align-left">After this step, your phone will receive a notification so you can activate your child’s phone.


After the steps above, you’re good to go; as your child can now start using the phone but cannot access adult websites.

Lagos State Government Closes Chrisland School for Immoral Video

The harmer fell on the school after the major controversy sparked by the alleged “immoral act” by children at the school.

The government promised However, to provide medical and social support and that the government will arrest anyone found with the video.