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Climate Change: Experts Rally Stakeholders As Nigeria, Others Celebrate World Environment Day – Legit.ng

  • World Environment Day is observed annually on June 5th and Nigeria is not among the celebrating nations.
  • The initiative is the United Nations’ primary vehicle for promoting awareness and action to protect the environment
  • QNET protects for its part, actively protect the planet by planting trees to bring home the essence of reforestation< /li>

Lagos – The celebrations of this year’s World Environment Day on June 5 called for accelerated action to tackle the impacts of climate change, which disproportionately affect developing countries like Nigeria, despite being the smallest contributor to causal factors.

Much of Africa has already warmed by more than 1°C since 1901, with an increase in heat waves and hot days.

In the drought-stricken African countries south of the Sahara is the number of undernourished people according to the Food and Agricultural Sciences fts Organization (FAO) of the United States has increased by 45.6% since 2012.

The same panel reported that a 13% decline in average agricultural yield in West and Central Africa , is forecast to increase by 11% in North Africa and by 8% in East and Southern Africa, under the worst-case scenario of climate change.

At the economic level, the forecast African Climate Policy Center that gross domestic product in the five African sub-regions would fall significantly as a result of a global temperature increase.

For scenarios that assume a 1°C to 4 °C compared to pre-industrial levels, the continent’s overall GDP is expected to fall by 2.25% -12.12%.

Mr. Biram Fall, QNET’s Regional General Manager for Sub-Saharan Africa, said:

“It is evident that now is the time to act on climate change and that every stakeholder must play their part. This is all the more important if we are to secure progress in the development of Nigeria and Africa as a whole while maintaining momentum.

“We just believe it’s the right thing to do and have made environmental sustainability a key pillar of our business.

“We call on each and everyone to join hands in accelerating action and initiatives aimed at reversing the trend. Accordingly, we have implemented a number of initiatives that directly and indirectly contribute to creating a more sustainable environment.”

How Nigerian Women Have Been Empowered Through Entrepreneurship

Remember Remember that to mark International Women’s Day 2022 (IWD), a QNET-sponsored initiative to empower women in Nigeria through entrepreneurship through training, mentoring and education has been launched.

The Beneficiaries were able to develop valuable skills and knowledge to apply in their direct selling businesses

During marking the 2022 IWD, QNET emphasized the importance of empowering women with the right tools to enabling them to thrive in entrepreneurship.

Experts discuss water hygiene as Africa hosts first-ever World Water Forum

Remember, i he World Water Forum co-located for the first time in Africa with Senegal hosting the historic event in March 2022.

The Forum provided a unique platform for the global water community and key decision makers to to work together and make long-term progress on global water challenges, particularly in Africa.

The World Water Council has been instrumental in positioning water as a global political priority.

Source : Legit.ng