Dec 9, 2021

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Confusion As Top Official Reveals Huge Pension FG Owes Closed Agencies

  • Some retirees from closed facilities across Nigeria face arrears of up to N90 billion
  • This has been announced by the executive secretary of the pension Transitional Directorate (PTAD), Chioma Ejikeme in Abuja
  • The executive secretary said some of the agencies owing arrears are: NITEL / MTEL, NICON Insurance, Delta Steel Company ua

Abuja – On Thursday 18th Chioma Ejikeme, the executive secretary of the Directorate for Transitional Pensions (PTAD ) said the federal government owed N90 billion in pension arrears.

Ejikeme, represented by the customs director, Abdallah Abubakar, the immigration and prison pensions division, said the arrears owed to employees in closed facilities across Nigeria.

Daily Trust reports that it made the reveal at a workshop on pensions correspondents in Abuja.

Ejikeme said a breakdown of some of the outstanding arrears shows that The defunct Nigeria Telecommunications (NITEL / MTEL) with 78 months in arrears has the largest amount owed to its employees.

It said that NITEL / MTEL arrears of 81 percent of the total has N73 billion uncovered liability Closed agencies are Delta Steel Company with 72 months’ arrears of N7.9 billion, NICON Insurance has N4.9 billion, New Nigerian Newspaper with 190-day arrears of N2.9 billion / p>

In addition, the Nigeria Re-Insurance Corporation with 103 months of Za Backlog owes 1.1 billion sources to offset liability.

She said:

“The government and management have made good progress, but they are still far from the goal. “

Ejikeme also said that the Bank Verification Number (BVN) validation report in November 2019 resulted in the suspension of 5,834 retirees from the payroll .

She noted that examining the complaints resulted in 2,700 retirees being put back on payroll in 14 batches, while another batch (16) was put back on payroll in 66 Pensioners have been checked and put back on their payroll.

She also said that the arrears have now been settled.

EFCC warns pension fraudsters

The Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) issued a warning on Wednesday, October 6th issued.

The commission said anyone found to be manipulating the pensions of retired workers in the country would not get away with it.

The federal government’s plan to borrow from the pension fund

In other news, the federal government had plans to borrow N2 trillion from pension funds to support infrastructure projects.

< p class = "align-left"> The announcement by the government did not go down well with Nigerians, as the information that was given to the public caused great outrage.

Many Nigerians have spoken out against the decision of the FG and caused the government to abandon their plans.