Oct 21, 2021

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Cooking Gas: Benue Residents Resort to Charcoal, Firewood Use as Prices Skyrocket

  • The residents of Makurdi have expressed deep concern over the past few days about the rising cost of cooking gas
  • According to reports, residents have decided to go after to settle for the gas increase with firewood and charcoal as an alternative
  • The report further revealed that residents are now spending more on refilling their gas bottles in the state, and lament the increase in that too Kerosene cost

Makurdi, State of Benue – Makurdi residents have resorted to cooking with firewood and charcoal, as the price of cooking gas continues to rise.

Daily Trust reports that a 12.5 kg gas bottle for N8500 compared to N4500 was sold at the Bolek gas station in Makurdi was bought at the beginning of the year.

A resident, Jummai Kande, who was at the gas station to get a 5 kg bottle Refill ash said she had paid N4000, as opposed to N1500, the same amount was sold at the beginning of the year.

Kande complained:

“It is worrying. I don’t know where this country is going. I’ll have to use charcoal to supplement my cooking gas because you don’t know how much gas will be sold in December. “

” That’s because the gas price is now rising steadily. Just three weeks ago I bought the same amount of gasoline for N3000 and now had to pay N4000. ”

A group of women who had traveled from far away also gathered the remains of one Economic tree that was felled in the Lobi district of the Makurdi metropolis.

One of them, Victoria Elaibe, mother of eight, said it was not surprising that she and the other women who scrambled for the wood had come from far and wide to bring the forest to a boil.

She said:

“It is because the cost of cooking gas and kerosene are out of our reach. Even the charcoal that we rely on is very expensive now, so that with a value of N100 no meal can be prepared for my family. “

” I live in the market district Modern and am all the time Here is an opportunity to collect these sticks for my kitchen, because I can no longer afford a bag of charcoal at N2500. “

In a similar way Margret Cletus and Aunt Adams, both widowed, and mothers of eight and five children respectively worked with Elaibe.

They emphasized that resorting to cooking with firewood was accompanied by the steady rise in the price of cooking gas and the inability to get a bottle was followed by kerosene at N400 per liter if everything was available.

Adams added:

“Getting the firewood is not easy either. You can see how we go about this. Look up and see other women run up here to join us. The situation is not good. ”

Viral video shows people in Lagos queuing to buy cooking gas, Nigerians reacting to new prices

Posted by Tunde Ednut on Instagram, he claimed the incident occurred in the state earlier this week.

In the clip, shoppers were at a gas station with their different bottle sizes to order the product to buy. Some of them even sat on the containers while they waited for their turn.