Mar 22, 2023

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Court Adjourns Suit Against Evans Seeking Refund of £223,000 Ransom –

  • The lawsuit against Chukwudumeme Onwuamadike (aka Evans) brought by one of his kidnapping victims, seeking a refund of £223,000, has been adjourned
  • Judge Kayode Ogunjobi of the Lagos High Court in Tafawa Balewa adjourned the case due to the defendant’s absence
  • However, the case is expected to be reopened on Wednesday 12 October Permit again the defense to open their case July 13 for trial in a lawsuit filed by counsel for a certain Chief Donatus Duru.

    According to ThisDay newspaper, Chief Duru was a kidnapping victim of Evans who paid a whopping sum of £223,000 to regain his freedom from the kidnapping den.

    In his lawsuit, which was brought in 2018 in Lagos High Court on Tafawa Balewa Square was filed, Chief Duru s is a refund de r £223,000 which he paid as ransom to regain his freedom.

    The absence of convicted kidnapper Chukwudumeme Onwuamadike (a.k.a. Evans) on Wednesday shelved a lawsuit filed against him by a kidnapping victim, Chief Donatus Duru.

    Evans absent from court

    However, which would Since the trial began, the defendant was reportedly absent from court on Wednesday 13 July.

    Meanwhile, Evans’ lawyer, Mr Amobi Nzelu, recalled that Court on it On the last adjourned date, June 29, it granted his application to become counsel for the defendant.

    Nzelu said he wrote a letter to the court in response requesting that the Nigerian Correctional Service be instructed to bring the accused before the court on Wednesday.

    The lawyer said he was surprised that the accused was not produced in court.

    However, Duru’s attorney, Mr. D.O. Obiora, said that the case was adjourned until Wednesday to allow the defense to open their case.

    Obiora said a copy of the letter was not served on him, “We are parties to this lawsuit, we should get a copy of the letter,” he said.

    Evans’ attorney replied that it was a “It was not done to hurt the plaintiff,” he added

    Judge Kayode Ogunjobi ruled that the court clerk did not respond to the letter and ruled that the case would not proceed because the defendant was not in court.

    He adjourned the case until October 12 so the defense could open their case.

    On the last adjourned date the judge granted the defendant’s motion to change counsel and to amend his defense.

    The defendant was represented by counsel eten March 2019 and was given an opportunity to defend, but did not.

    When the plaintiff closed his case on March 3, 2022, the defendant applied for the court’s permission to defend .

    Evans says he has been in custody since August 2017 and was unaware that the lawsuit was pending.

    He said he became aware of the lawsuit in 2019 when he already had no time to file a defense.

    Evans told the court that once he was of of the lawsuit, hired an attorney to represent him.

    However, the defendant said he was informed sometime in March that the attorney had stopped representing him.