Oct 23, 2021

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Court Sacks Transitional Kwara Local Government Chairmen

  • Some local government leaders in the state of Kwara have been shown the door by a state-seated Supreme Court
  • The chairpersons have been shown by the Kwara. appointed state governor as part of transition committee
  • According to the court, the act of the governor who dismissed the elected chairman to replace him with a new sentence is illegal

Kwara – A high court in the state of Kwara has appointed the chairs of the transitional implementation committee in the 16 local government councils of the state.

The TIC Chairs were appointed by State Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq after he dismissed the state’s elected local government leaders.

Court gives reasons for its decision < / h2>

In his ruling, Judge HA George said that Governor AbdulRazaq’s action himself as the state executive is a complete show of villains and abuse of power.

Justice George referred to the suspension of the demok Council President elected and their subsequent replacement as illegal.

He said that no law was known of such an action by the Governor of Kwara State.

The government of Kwara State Responds to Court Ruling

In response to the court ruling, however, Bashir Adigun, a special assistant to the governor for political communications, said the court’s decision was being examined by lawyers in the state will.

He also said that the Kwara State government will appeal the verdict in due course.

The aides sought the help of prayer fighters and clerics to intervene in their director’s political ambitions.

Clerics are expected to intervene through their prayers to ensure that the Governor re-elected after completing his first term will be in office.

In addition, the state government had demolished a library that was named after the father of the former Senate President, Olusola Saraki.

The building was demolished by the state’s local government transitional executive committee.

The library was named after the late politician by the Ilorin West local government many years ago.

In response to the indignation of the residents of Kwara and other citizens about their action, the state government said that the library has become a den of criminals.