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Court Sentences Notorious Fraudster to 235 Years in Prison, Orders EFCC to Sell His Properties to Pay Victims – Legit.ng

  • Nigeria’s anti-graft agency won a high-profile conviction as the federal court in Uyo Scales sentenced Olatunji Ishola to 235 years in prison
  • The court also ordered the EFCC to sell Ishola’s land and give the proceeds to his victims, the Norwegians are Petition from the Oslo Police District in Norway

judge Agatha Okeke of the Federal Court in Uyo, capital of Akwa Ibom state, has sentenced Scales Olatunji Ishola to 235 years in prison for N525 million fraud.

Ishola, known as the notorious international fraudster was accused of internet fraud and money laundering and found guilty by the court.

The convict was taken before the court by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

He was Ar according to a statement by the EFCC on July 2 019 faced 45 counts of charges bordering on identity theft, money laundering and conspiracy.

Ishola had pleaded not guilty to the charges, which are paving the way for the trial.


Charges against Scales Olatunji

One ​​of the charges reads:

“That you, Scales Olatunji Ishola “M”, Meraiyebu Charles “M ‘ (Large), Gabriel Adeyemi Olugbenga ‘M’ (Large), Ojomo Oluwatobi Ayodele ‘M’ (Large) and Adekola Oluwatoyin ‘M’ (Large), between January 2017 and October 2018, in Nigeria, within the jurisdiction of that Honorable Court, have conspired to convert the grand total of N525,172,580.00 (Five Hundred Twenty Five Million, One Hundred Seventy Two Thousand, Five Hundred Eighty Naira), the sum of which you should reasonably know is part of the proceeds of illegal activity, namely: Fraud (commercial email compromise and identity theft) and with it Co has committed an offense in breach of Section 18(a) of the Money Laundering (Prohibition) Act 2011 (as amended) and is punishable under Section 15(3) of the same Act.”

Another count reads:

“That you, Scales Olatunji Ishola “M”, on or about 15 May 2018 in Nigeria within the jurisdiction of this honorable court fraudulently sent electronic messages ( email) using [email protected] to a certain Monica Goulmoen from the Charity Association for providing a soccer field for girls and boys in Kobane, while posing as a certain Per Ravn Omdal, a former President of the Norwegian Football Association, and demanded the sum of €64,000.00 (sixty-four thousand euros) to be transferred to you via IBAN GB74HBUK40062132722119, which have been paid and you have thereby committed an offense against Section 22 (3 )(b) of the Cybercrime (Prohibition, Prevention, etc.) Act 2015 and is punishable under Section 22(4) of the same Act”.

EFCC Amends 35 Pieces of Evidence in Court

< p class="align-left">EFCC’s attorney Nwandu Ukoha opened the case on November 7, 2019 and subsequently filed 35 pieces of evidence through four prosecution witnesses, all of which were admitted as evidence against the accused.

He closed the case on January 29, 2021 to allow the defense to open their defense.

Both the prosecution and the defense attorney took their written addresses in October 2021, before the court adjourned the verdict.

The EFCC arrested Ishola on March 20, 2019 at his Ikota, Lekki’s residence, based on a petition from the Oslo Police District in Norway, asking the EFCC for assistance in investigating a network of Nigerian ern who have been cheating Norwegian citizens for years.

Investigations revealed that the convict belonged to a syndicate of cybercriminals specializing in Business Email Compromise-BEC.


Court announces verdict

On Monday, June 27, Judge Okeke found Olatunji guilty on all 45 counts favored by the EFCC against him.

The judge sentenced Olatunji to seven years in prison on counts one through five and five years in prison on counts six through forty-five. However, the sentence is scheduled to run concurrently with the date of the arrest.

The court also ordered that the money in the convict’s account should be forfeited to Norwegian citizens via the EFCC.< /p>

Also his properties: House No. 6, Off Road 2 West-End Estate, Ikota, Lekki, Lagos State, and House No. 10, Donatus Odum Street, Ikate im State of Lagos to be sold by EFCC with proceeds returned to Norwegian victims.

Nigerians respond

Ganiyu Daniel Tairu said on Facebook:

“We have yet to see the same verdict on corrupt politicians from our courts, there will be double standards, one verdict for Yahoo Boys and another for corrupt politicians and officials.”

Kikem Johnson Nansak said:

“Commendable. That means those who committed up to N80 billion stole should expect no less than 30,000 years imprisonment.”

Yusuf Momoh said:

“If you can commit the crime, be prepared to spend the time. Ultimately, a life of crime never pays off.”

Comrade Saliu Kabir Badmus said:

“Actually, if this man is then sentenced to 235 years in prison Many Nigerian politicians earn 100 trillion years.”

Cyril C. Obi said:

“That’s my trouble with our judiciary if this case with the huge sum involved if any politically exposed person is involved, believe me the court will only jail the offender for 2 years or less with an option of a fine.

“Our justice system is doomed. “

EFCC Says Landlords Renting Homes to Yahoo Boys Risk 15 Years in Prison

In another report, the EFCC said landlords are announcing their homes Internet scammers popularly known as Yahoo Rent Out Guys risks 15 years in prison.

The anti-graft agency also said hoteliers who host the scammers suffer the same fate.

The A stern warning to landlords was included in an e-flyer for a planned Twitter Space discussion to be hosted by the EFCC.

Source: Legit.ng