Oct 23, 2021

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Court Slams N200,000 Fine on Former Minister Femi Fani-Kayode

  • Chief Femi Fani-Kayode has been accused of deliberately skipping court hearings in his ongoing corruption case
  • The former aviation minister still has time in court with the EFCC, which is doing everything in its power to prosecute him
  • The court fined the Osun-born politician N200,000 after he was accused to stay away from his court hearings

Lagos – A federal high court in Lagos has the former aviation minister Femi Fani-Kayode, a Fined N200,000 for failing to be present when he was rescheduled or risking his bail being revoked.

Channels Television reports that Justice Daniel Osaigor gave the order on Wednesday, October 13th, saying that after he d he reviewed the court file, observed five different letters from the defendant requesting adjournment for the same medical reasons.

W When the case was brought up, Ms. Bilikisu Buhari gave notice Appearance of the prosecution at.

The prosecutor informed the court that the prosecution had adjourned the court on July 15 to re-indict the defendants.

She said that on Monday, October 11th, the prosecution received a letter from the second defendant informing them that he had been put to bed at rest.

The prosecutor informed the court that the letters of the second defendant had become numerous and had also been an excuse for him to evade the court.

She said:

“This is the third time he’s d writes this type of letter from the same hospital. Whenever he doesn’t want to go to court, we get such a letter. ”

But Fani-Kayode’s attorney Bobo Fred-Ajudua interfered and informed the court that Fani -Kayode was a recurring illness, but was regularly in court, which is evident from the court records.

He asked the court to kindly grant an adjournment in favor of the second defendant .

At this point the trial judge decided to go over the court file and after a search, the court found that the second defendant had actually searched five times for a similar medical apology.

The court then asked the defense attorney to choose one of two options: either waive the second defendant’s bail or impose a fine of N200,000 before the next trial is to be paid.

The defender has opted for the latter option.

Osun APC Senator flares up over question about Fani-Kayode

Basiru, the spokesman for the Nigerian Senate, who is also from the home state of Fani-Kayode, was approached at an event in Abuja to discuss the waste.

He said:

“I have no opinion. He said he was from FCT. You heard him yesterday. I have no opinion on Fani-Kayode. Go to Aso Rock and meet Garba Shehu and Femi Adesina. ”

Fani-Kayode speaks about claims he came to APC for financial reasons

Fani -Kayode had previously reacted angrily to allegations that he had defected to APC for financial reasons.

Speaking to a television station hours after his apostasy, the former minister said he was pretty wealthy, contrary to what people think of him.

He also asked why such comments didn’t show up when other Peoples Democratic Party chiefs switched to APC. < / p>