Jan 20, 2022

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CSEP Urges IHRC to Maintain Neutrality in Imo State to Sustain Peace – Legit.ng

  • The International Human Rights Commission recently threatened to allow a visa ban against Imo State Governor Senator Hope Uzodimma and his family
  • The group made the threat in response to the arrest of Uche Nwosu, a former state gubernatorial candidate
  • In response to the threat, an umbrella organization of civil society groups in Nigeria asked the commission to be neutral and its Realizing facts

FCT, Abuja – Ambassador Friday Sani, the Country Head of the The International Human Rights Commission (IHRC ) was asked to maintain neutrality with regard to the security challenges in Imo in order to promote peace in the state.

The call was answered by Engr. Nwosu Emmanuel, Executive Secretary of the Platform for Civil Society Engagement, CSEP; an umbrella organization of several civil society groups in Nigeria.

CESP responded to media reports attributed to Sani threatening to facilitate a visa ban for Governor Hope Uzodimma and his family about the arrest by Uche Nwosu, a former state gubernatorial candidate.

According to Engr Nwosu:

“It smells like deliberate nonsense and can also be an indication of bias and artificial Prejudice for an organization like the International Human Rights Commission to clearly ignore the monumental allegations of Uche Nwosu’s complicity in promoting violence and trying to derail governance in Imo state.

“It is shameful that the representative of the Human Rights Commission in Nigeria can make such a vengeful and plausibly ignorant statement without assessing the facts and problems as they are.

“Allegations backed by confessions from suspects arrested by Nigerian police appear to have charged Uche Nwosu, and based on these allegations, his arrest was led by the Nigerian police, not the state governor Imo; outside a church and not inside the church, as was falsely advertised.

“The question that calls for an answer, what the IHRC representative shockingly avoided is whether Uche Nwosu Has immunity from arrest or whether he is above the law as a defendant of Senator Okorocha? Both cannot possibly be the case Generated reactions, but that would not have been had it not been for the attempts by Uche’s followers to help him resist and to avoid a legitimate arrest that is taking place right outside the church.

“These facts are supported by live video footage streamed on social media during the said arrest, none of which showed any shooting or arrest in the church.

“Therefore there is no doubt that the propaganda of the arrest within the church is a clear fallacy, as there is not a single evidence of it; despite allegations it happened during a fully recorded and televised event where multiple cameras were streaming live on social media, “relied on a court decision or security intelligence to reach its unequivocally biased conclusions about governance in Imo state to draw investigation. ”

Engr Nwosu stated that the Uzodimma-led government has done its best since its inception to implement its joint prosperity plan for the benefit of the Imo people.

He also said that the government continues to provide opportunities for wealth creation so that Imo youth can get involved in meaningful ways.

The Executive Secretary of the CSEP challenged the IHRC’s turnaround on the unprecedented act of defending the rights of Imo citizens by the Uzodimma government through the restoration of all land and property illegally and brazenly confiscated by previous governments.

He argued that if the IHRC in Nigeria had a sincere desire to promote justice and protect human rights, its focus should have been, and not Nwosu’s position and complaints.

Governors eur Hope Uzodimma will host high-ranking Imo employees keholders-Meeting

The statement goes on to say that Governor Uzodimma will reveal the sponsors of the uncertainty in Imo state at the meeting. < / p>

Governor Uzodimma vows to make Imo safer in 2022

Governor Uzodimma had previously spoken out in favor of a renewed and joint effort by the people of Imo to exterminate violence and other forms of crime in the state this year.

In his New Year’s message to the people of the state, Uzodimma promised that his government will work with the security authorities to bring Imo to 2022 and make it safer as well.

He also promised that this year his government will step up its efforts to address the infrastructure deficit it identified when it took office.