Jan 25, 2022

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CSOs, Professional Groups Declare Support for Subsidy Removal – Legit.ng

  • Nigerians were advised to cooperate with the political direction of the federal government regarding the cancellation of fuel subsidies
  • The recommendation was supported by civil society and professional groups Based in the federal capital Abuja ensures that the Nigerians are paid democratic dividends

FCT, Abuja – One A group of civil society organizations (CSOs.)) And experts from different parts of the country have insisted on the cancellation of fuel subsidies, stating that the regime is partly responsible for the country’s economic needs.

According to For The Group, the development has resulted in the federal government spending a whopping N250 billion a month.

The communique that was signed Issued by the national chairman the group e, Isah Abubakar, and Secretary Joe Moses, argued that the proposed abolition of the fuel subsidy scheme would facilitate the implementation of the N17.13 trillion national budget in 2022.

Part of the communique read:

“The coalition of civil society organizations and professionals from different parts of the country met on Sunday, January 9th, 2022 for a national city hall meeting on the abolition of the petroleum subsidy.

“The National Town Hall Meeting on Abolition of the Oil Subsidy has found that the oil subsidy regime that has existed for decades has been lacking transparency, credibility and accountability in litigation on payments of claims to the so-called beneficiaries of the agreement.

“The community assembly found that the monthly payment of over 250 billion N per month of the economy and de n Finance has been seriously damaging for decades All pressures have slowed the country’s growth and development, and if the trend is not reversed, the country’s revenues would continue to decline until the economy was irreversibly damaged. “

The CSOs found that the subsidy was responsible for cross-border fuel smuggling and argued that the smuggling challenge would decrease when it ended.

The meeting also noted and commended Nigeria National Petroleum Limited for building 28 federal highways across the federation, adding that roads are critical infrastructure in promoting the country’s economic development.

Though it’s the NNPC. praised management for implementing the Petroleum Industry Act 2021, calling on the group to continue reforms to reposition the oil and gas industry as one of the best in the world.

They also called for that Federal government to the conservation and rehabilitation of t. to ensure the state refineries to meet the local fuel consumption of the country.

In response to the alleviation promised by the government, the group hired the Buhari administration to ensure payment to the citizens , and said that it will cushion the effects of the subsidy cancellation, while also calling on the Nigerian Labor Congress not to start an industrial strike but to allow dialogue.

Forum of CSOs endorses the cancellation of fuel subsidies by the Government


Recall that the Forum of Civil Society Organizations in Nigeria emerged from an extraordinary meeting on Thursday 2nd December 2021 and the plan of the Federal government has supported the removal of fuel subsidies.

The leaders of the group decided to support the Buhari government comprehensively and comprehensively r and added that politics will lead Nigeria into the realm of fulfilled potential.

After the meeting, a communique was published by Comrade Friday Maduka, Chairman of the Forum civil society organizations of Nigeria.

NNPC hires Innoson to provide buses for Nigerians

In the meantime, NNPC has produced Innoson Vehicle Motors from city buses with condensed natural gas to cushion the effects of the cancellation of fuel subsidies next year.

The Chairman of the Innoson Group, Chief Innocent Chukwuma, recently announced this to journalists in Nnewi im State of Anambra.

The Nigerian government announced plans to fund the conversion of one million cars to gasoline, with Kyari announcing in December 2020 that the Ministry of Oil to convert the structure for the free conversion of cars from fuel to gas.