Feb 4, 2023

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Customer, Friend, Burn Woman in Lagos for Possessing Quran Inside Hotel – Legit.ng

  • A young woman was killed in Lagos by her client and his friends during a dispute over the Holy Koran
  • The lady working as a call girl in a brothel in the state of Alaba Rago was reportedly killed because she has the Koran in her room
  • According to sources, the killers questioned the girl why she was taking the holy book with her of the kind of work she does

In another heartbreaking moment Nigeria, a young woman’s life was changed by some Aborted youth in the name of religion.

The woman identified as Hannah Saliu was beaten to death and her body set on fire for keeping the Holy Qur’an in her room, despite being identified as a Prostitute works.

Punch Newspaper reports that the incident occurred after one d he suspected she had patronized and had fun with, paid her N1,000 for the service.

The customer is said to have left her room when she suddenly discovered that her N5 .000 had disappeared.

After the allegations and the denials, the customer is said to have mobilized his friends in Salius’ room to look for the missing money.

While searching the place, the friends reportedly found a Koran under their pillow.

A source who spoke to the newspaper said:< /p>

“What happened was that the girl was a prostitute and a customer patronized her and after sleeping with her the customer paid N1,000 for her service.

“But when the customer left he stole the prostitute’s N5, 000 and after discovering her money was gone the prostitute chased him to get n Asking for her money.

“The northerners who were with the customer whom the girl accused of stealing her money asked if she was sure he stole her money. So they decided to search her room where she was taking care of her clients.

“While searching the room, they found the Qur’an under her pillow and started asking what they used the Qur’an for as a prostitute used. So they started attacking her; they stabbed them, took them out and set them on fire.

“The incident happened in Alaba Rago, where many northerners live. The girl who was killed also came from the north. Her anger was that she should not carry the Qur’an because of the type of work she was doing.”

State Public Relations Police SP Benjamin Hundeyin confirmed the incident. The Lagos State Police Command has also brought three suspects to justice in the incident.

Prophecy: Unless Atiku rules Nigeria, an Igbo man can never become president, claims the Prophet

Meanwhile, the Prophet Emmanuel Chukwudi, from the Ministry of Liberation of the King of Kings Gbonum Ulepa Ntezi, in Ebonyi State, says he has seen revelations about the upcoming elections in 2023.

The cleric claimed that on November 15, 2015, God told him in no uncertain terms that nothing could stop Atiku Abubakar from becoming President of Nigeria. He said that the Atiku presidency will pave the way for the Igbo presidency.

The cleric said in a statement provided to Legit.ng:

“If Atiku does not rule Nigeria, an Igbo man can never become President. What you are seeing now is a fulfillment of God’s Word. The result of the PDP primaries is the fulfillment of God’s prophecy. Spiritually, has God Atiku ordained President of Nigeria since 2015 to rule Nigeria and improve people’s lives.

Source: Legit.ng