Dec 9, 2022

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Customs Officer Shows His Power, Slaps Governor’s Aide As Victim Remain Calm –

  • Customs and army officers on duty along the Benin-Agbor expressway attacked Mr Samson Nwachuckwu
  • Nwachuckwu is a human rights volunteer and Special Assistant to the State Governor Ifeanyi Okowa
  • Meanwhile, the development is drawing mixed reactions online, with many people lamenting the harassment in the country
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    Samson Nwachukwu, an aide to Delta State Governor Ifeanyi Okowa, was punched by a customs officer over a misunderstanding in a popular video.

    According to reports, the incident occurred on Saturday, May 7th along the Agbor/Asaba expressway.

    In response to the video, his colleague Success called Ossai the customs service to identify the officer and take the necessary action.

    Via his Facebook page, he said:

    “Help identify this officer so he can be arrested, this Nigeria action by customs officers is barbaric and needs to be dealt with by the authority. No one deserves to be treated like that.”

    For his part, activist Harrison Gwamnishu added:

    “Yesterday, customs officer and army officer along the Benin/ Agbor Expressway confidently attacked our Human Rights Volunteer and Special Assistant to the Delta State Governor (Ombudsman) Mr. Samson Nwachukwu #EndImpunity

    “We will protest this attack until the agency disciplines these men.”

    Meanwhile, the development has provoked massive reactions on social media. Many people complain that Nigerians are subjected to such harassment on a daily basis.

    Lapaam Haruna Mai’anguwa< /h2>

    That’s because he’s an advisor to the governor A lot of people support him or what? I don’t support the action of the customs officer but I have this question to ask….

    Do you know how poor masses can suffer under security guards? No one says anything about it

    Vitamin D Ccfr

    “Good. This is what ordinary, innocent and hardworking Nigerians are going through at the hands of the military and paramilitaries in Nigeria. So many innocent Nigerians have been shot dead and forgotten but because this one is a special counsel they want justice? Charity starts at home! Enjoy your slap in peace!”

    Anosike Chimezie

    “That’s all they do, intimidate and blackmail innocent people who travel this route, and those who are to be searched and interrogated bribe their way and leave.”


    Ernest Oduwa

    “When we complain about the animalistic behavior of our security agents, politicians pretend to be deaf.”

    Now it’s getting on your nerves, we too will act unapproachably. E still care me! Gather everyone!

    Emmanuel Efano

    Because it was done to a special assistant of Okowa, it becomes an attack, but if it were a normal citizen, nobody will speak. What a broken nation?

    Ajiboye Ayobami

    “I watched the video, I applaud the man’s calmness. The customs officer should be held accountable with this He can be a lesson to others and I think these people should be taught ethics every day. They don’t have any. When they have guns they behave like gods.”

    Victoria Moses

    “This is what happens when untrained individuals are given uniforms and weapons without proper governmental regulations and on-duty psychiatric screening.”

    Imagine imagine what the ” commoners” suffer daily at the hands of outlaws in uniform.

    Adeyoriju Olorunjuni

    :The customs officer who attacked the man was very wrong and provocative . The man in question was very calm and cool. The customs officer should not get away with provocation and uniform villainy.”

    2023: Participate in politics, vote, advocate for good governance, Okowa sues Nigerians

    Recall that on Tuesday 22nd February Governor Okowa urged Nigerians, especially Christians, to take an active part in the political process by voting in elections and promoting good governance and credible leadership

    The Governor made the call in a keynote address entitled “The Christian and the Responsibility” delivered to the Standing Committee of the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion ) held at All Saints Cathedral, Rumuokwurusi, Port-Harcourt, Rivers State. < /p>

    He said that Christians must exercise their right to vote and elect leaders who would govern them, adding that it is doubtful that 50 percent of eligible voters will be among Christians would participate in the elections.