Jun 18, 2021

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Cute photos of these Nigerian twins on their birthday stir reactions

– A number of Nigerian twins celebrated their birthdays on Twitter with photos showing how well they are both grown.

– Prayers came from Tweeps, who appreciated how God has kept them both over the years.

– Tweeps who found one of the beautiful twins took the opportunity to take some pictures.

The photos of a group of Nigerian twins had all the shades of cuteness online when one of them posted them on their Twitter page on their birthday.

One of the snapshots is a throwback photo showing the twins in traditional Yoruba clothing called Aso Oke.

Your ‘today’s’ photo made them all grow when the lady smiled beautifully next to her brother, who wore a formal look.

Check out her photos below: < / strong>

Many tweeps flattered the beauty of the lady, as some said seems older than him. People showed the twins a lot of love and gave their photos more than 9,000 likes.

Here are some reactions:

@ Demboozy said:

” Happy birthday … boo the young lady on brown tho. ”

@ Titi_Kabongo said:

“Happy birthday, but tell us I want to see something for your back.”

@ KingDavidOfABA1 said:

“And you look like his big sister. Congratulations to both of you, you are blessed.”

@ Jedishola prayed for them:

“Congratulations to both of you. May the years to come be full of good testimonies. Many happy returnees.”

@ DonNwokedi said:

“Happy birthday, you two loved ones. The 26th will be mine and my twin sister’s. Love and peace for the both of you.”

Share the photos o With the sisters, a Twitter user with the handle @Abiso_la said that she really admired how well the twins had grown.

In one of the photos, the twins posed on their birthday with cakes and bottles of soft drinks that speak of their childhood. The sisters were overjoyed to receive the photos.