Dec 5, 2022

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Days After Zamfara Governor Called for Gun Licence, Pastor Adeboye Advises Members on How to Defend Themselves –

  • Pastor Enoch Adeboye has declared an arson attack against all enemies of the Church throughout Nigeria
  • The pastor made this statement while speaking against the incessant killings in the states of Nigeria during the RCCG Holy Spirit service in July 2022

Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) Supervisor General Enoch Adeboye , has condemned the insecurity in Nigeria and the incessant killings in the states of the country

Daily Trust reports that Pastor Adeboye, while attending the church’s Holy Spirit service in the July 2022, said enough was enough for all criminals, including bandits and terrorists, operating in the country.

The fiery preacher said that henceforth the church would be “fire for fire would be holding his 2022 convention the second week of August.

Adeboye also noted that this would be the 40th at Redemption Camp on the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway and informed his members that all people from around the world would be in attendance.

He encouraged members who he called ‘lazy; to ensure they are part of the event and urges them not to sit back and watch from the comfort of their own home.

His words:

“The program will be different from what you know. Some people have decided out of laziness, “Oh! I can watch anything on TV.”

“It’s good to watch TV; the program is broadcast all over the world feel the heat.

“If you watch TV and it rains, will your dress get wet?”

RCCG strong event

< p class="align- left">Noting that so many things could happen at the event that might not be televised, Adeboye said there would be an influx of wonderful testimonies at the event.

He added:

“The Bible says fire begets fire. There are certain things you get for being there… Oh! Some pranksters said churches should not be opened for three months. Who is your commander? God of Boko Haram? Let the devil try any nonsense, from now on there will be fire upon fire!

“I understand that a funny guy said some people would call ogun because jesus didn’t answer them well for the one who said that, there is a saying that the mouth with which the snail blasphemed God, that mouth will kiss the ground.

“From now on, anyone who dares to blaspheme Jesus Christ will taste the fire of Almighty God. The fire of God will consume them.”

Members defend themselves against murderers

The preacher went on to say he would not say much as he was only guessing many who could attend.

His Words:

“I don’t want to say much because I know what I’m saying, some people might want to twist it.” I have searched the Bible cover to cover and there is nowhere where God has said that a child of God cannot defend himself.

“If you find the passage let me know. He said , when they hit you turn your right cheek to the left he said that. Now if they hit your left what did he say? If God is silent you know what that means, it just means over to you.

“I only speak to my children. Only my children come to the Holy Spirit service.”

Pastor Adeboye posts a 5-letter photo on his page and creates excitement on social media

Pastor Enoch Adeboye had said that only the name of Jesus could change the current situation of Nigerians.

The popular man Gottes said so on Tuesday, June 7 in a post he made on his personal Facebook page.

Adeboye’s post also caused a stir on social media, with many showing an inscription of Jesus in red ink on a white background.

Trouble for killers, others in Nigeria, as Abuja pastor leads prayers at liberation cruise

Pastor Paul Enenche had issued a strong warning Warning to killers, gunmen and their sponsors, scattered across Nigeria.

The senior pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Center said the current situation in the country is unprecedented.

According to the pastor, during a liberation cruise, the nation becomes the burial ground for these killers and their sponsors alike.