Sep 25, 2022

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Deborah Samuel: Fake Videos, News Threaten Peace Among Nigerian Christians, Muslims –

  • As the parents of the late Deborah Samuel mourn the agonizing death of their daughter, Nigerians remain in shock at the incident that led to her gruesome murder
  • < li>In response, believers call on the federal government to take urgent action against the spread of fake videos on social media, as this is another tool used to commit evil in the country

  • Meanwhile, the Catholic priest of St. Mathews Catholic Church in Ushafa, Abuja, Rev. Stephen Omale, urged Christians across the country to embrace love and shun all forms of violence

After the killing of Nigerian Christian girl and Sokoto State College of Education student Deborah Samuel, old and fake videos circulated among Nigerian Christians and Muslims on social media.

This development has created tensions between the two religious communities, as many have feared it could lead to a religious crisis.

How Deborah was beaten to death

Remember that Deborah was beaten to death after being accused by her Muslim classmates of being blasphemous in her comment.

The 200 level An economics student had gotten her classmates into an argument after responding to a question put to her in the class WhatsApp group by saying “Jesus” had passed her last exam.

When ordered by some Muslim members of the group to retract her comment, she said ‘holy spirit fire’ and argued that others would also post ‘nonsense’ in the group in the name of religion, even if the group not established for this purpose

Some of the classmates then mobilized some suspected thugs from off campus to attack her with rocks and sticks, after which her killers set her on fire.< /p>

Deborah buried in Niger state

The incident has since raised tensions across the country, even as Deborah’s remains were buried on Saturday May 15 , 2022. Deborah did some work for Mother Earth in Tunga Magajiya, Niger State, near Abuja, the capital of Nigeria.

However, her funeral was not without questions and resistance of some Tunga Magajiya youth who were not satisfied with the government’s handling of the situation.

Deborah’s alleged killers arrested

Protest welcomes arrest of Deborah’s alleged killers

But the protesters on Saturday the 14th May, the suspects demanded the release of those arrested. The protesters, who stormed the street in Sokoto city, urged the police to release the suspect as their actions were in accordance with Islamic law. Police and other security forces confronted some of the protesters who stormed the Sultan of Sokoto’s palace.

Tambuwal imposes a 24-hour curfew

Following tensions and protests in the state, the Sokoto state government imposed a 24-hour curfew in the state on Saturday. According to Governor Aminu Tambuwal, this should ease tensions in the state.

With the curfew in place, people in the city are expected to remain indoors until it is relaxed. Only security guards are expected to move while maintaining law and order.

Fake videos and other content threaten government efforts

But the Efforts by both the federal and Sokoto state governments and security forces may not yield reasonable results if the proliferation of fake videos on social media is not immediately addressed.

Woman in viral video

However, a viral video of a woman being dragged from a fenced-in house, beaten and stripped by a mob has gone viral.

The narrative in the video was that another Christian woman was attacked when extremists declared war on Christians.

The Catholic Church in Sokoto was set on fire ?

Bishop of the Diocese of Sokoto, Matthew Hassan Kukah’s house set on fire?

Previously, a report emerged that the home of Sokoto Diocese Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah was set on fire on Saturday, May 14, 2022. But Kukah quickly refuted this report, saying his home was safe and untouched, as reported.

In a statement by Bishop Kukah, signed by the Catholic Church’s Director of Social Communications Diocese of Sokoto, Rev. Christopher A. Omotosho, states:

The statement states:

“Contrary to the information in circulation, we would like to deny that that there has been an attack of any kind on the residence of Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah.”

Kukah appealed to Christians to be law-abiding and prayerful so that peace could be restored to the state can find.

Clergy call for peace

In response to the assassination of Deborah Samuel and the need to keep the peace, the Catholic priest said the St. Mathews Catholic Church in Ushafa, Abuja, Rev. Father Stephen Omale that only love can protect the nation.

He lamented the gradual disappearance of love from the world “where people kill their fellows in the name of protecting their own religion”.

He said the only language that is universal is love and urged Christians across Nigeria to hold on to love and shun all forms of violence.

< p class="align -left">Calling Nigerian Christians to imitate Jesus Christ’s love for mankind, he summarized the nature of Christ’s love to be imitated as unselfishness, sacrifice and concern for others.

Buhari condemns killing of Deborah Samuel

Meanwhile, President Muhammadu Buhari has reacted angrily to the killing of Deborah Samuel, saying that despite the level of provocation, no one has the right to take the life of another.

The President o immediately ordered an impartial investigation into the incident (what happened before and during the incident)

He called for controlled comment by the media and appealed to the general public to wait patiently while investigation into this matter continues.

Deborah Samuel: Governor Tambuwal declares 24-hour curfew in Sokoto

In the meantime, after the assassination of Deborah by some people who claimed she was guilty of blasphemy and the growing demand for the release and arrest of her killers, Governor Aminu Tambuwal had made a tough decision.

The The governor imposed a 24-hour metropolitan-wide curfew on Saturday, May 14, amid widespread protests and riots as police efforts to maintain law and order.