Mar 22, 2023

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Deborah Samuel: Parents Of Slain Student Break Silence, Make Hard, Painful Vow –

  • For the bereaved parents of the late Deborah Samuel, none of her remaining children will be going back to school
  • The parents of the late student, Garba and Alheri Emmanuel said she is the eldest of seven daughters who have cost her a fortune to educate.
  • In tears, Alheri said on Sunday May 15 that the family had nothing to do with anyone wanted, adding they will not seek redress in this matter.

The parents of Deborah Samuel, the murdered 200th grade home economics student on Shehu Shagari College of Education , Sokoto, have spoken openly about their daughter’s murder, which has sparked outrage, outrage and controversy across the state.

In a conversation with The Punch on Sunday May 15, the late student’s father, Emmanuel Garba, a security guard at Niger State Water and Sanitation, announced that he had paid N120,000 to have his daughter’s remains shipped from Sokoto to Niger.

< p class="align-left">Garba explained that his family will not seek redress, noting that he has yet to receive a call or message from the state government about the tragedy, adding that he doesn’t want anything from anyone.

I have N120,000 paid to transport Deborah’s remains

The middle-aged bereaved man bemoaned the fact that he used all of his resources to fund the education of Deborah, the eldest of seven daughters just to have their lives cut so short.

He said:

“I have yet to receive a call or message from anyone regarding the incident. Nobody called me; I decided to go alone.

“I went to the state CID (Criminal Investigation Department) office and asked them to help me get the body so I could bury it because it might rot if I leave it there Then they took me to the morgue, did the paperwork and left the remains to me.

“I was the one who paid for the remains to be transported. I was billed N120,000 which I had to pay because that was the cheapest price I got as the majority of people don’t like transporting bodies.”

Deborah’s mother says her children don’t going to school

Tearfully, Garba’s wife , Alheri Emmanuel, said she made no demands and wanted nothing from anyone.

A Vanguard report quoted Ms. Emmanuel as saying she was certain the rest of her children would never go back to school.

Her words:

“I have no demands, I don’t want anything, but one thing I know my children will never go to school again.”

Deborah Samuel: Governor Tambuwal imposes a 24-hour curfew in Sokoto < /h2>

Meanwhile, after the murder of Deborah by some people who claimed she was guilty of blasphemy and who were awake Sending calls for the release and arrest of her killers, Governor Aminu Tambuwal had made a tough decision.

The governor on Saturday May 14 imposed a 24-hour curfew on the entire metropolis taken over by widespread protests and riots amid police efforts to maintain law and order.