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Deborah Samuel: Sokoto Mob Killed My Daughter Before Over 100 Security Agents, Says Father – Legit.ng

  • The brutal murder of young Deborah Samuel, a student in Sokoto State, continues to spark outrage across the country.
  • Garba Emmanuel, the father of the late Deborah told how his daughter was killed at school
  • The distraught Father revealed his daughter was killed by a rampaging mob in front of security forces

Sokoto – Garba Emmanuel , the father of the late Deborah Samuel, who was cruelly killed and burned in Sokoto last Thursday, May 12, reported how his daughter was killed.

In an in In an interview published in The Nation newspaper, Emmanuel described his 22-year-old daughter as a humble girl who desired a bright future and believed in the Lord a great deal and did not toy with Church activities.

Garba, who witnessed the killing of his daughter, said that the mob action took place despite the presence of over 100 security guards y agents , consisting of Police, NSDSC and DSS staff.

His words:

“This Thursday morning around 9.00 am she called me on her phone to say that some people wanted to kill her. I quickly left where I was and went to her school. When I got there, I saw a huge crowd of these boys and girls.

“The school authorities had taken her and locked her and another girl at the security gate at the school entrance.

“Then I decided to report the matter to the police. There was a problem at the school . The police replied that I have no right to report what is happening at school; the school should call them.

“I told them that I am a Nigerian citizen and have the right to report any wrongdoing if it affects me or anyone. So they gave me two plainclothes police officers.

“When they arrived at the school, they realized that the situation was no longer tolerable for them.

“They called the DSB , the district command, the police headquarters and the DSS office. The DSS arrived at the scene first and began firing in the air to disperse the mob, some of whom ran away.

“They tried to save them but the security post door was padlocked locked and the person with the key wasn’t there. Later, more police officers arrived and started shooting tear gas everywhere.

“As we progressed, more and more mobs arrived from the surrounding communities, all passers-by on the street, because the school is on the expressway, began rushed in and the crowd was large.

“Around 11 am more police, civil defense and DSS were nearby and tear gas fired at the whole place. Instead of breaking down the door and saving her, they waited for the person with the key. Soon after, the person came and as they were bringing them out, the mob grabbed them.

“While they were fighting with the security guards, one of the mobs hit her on the head with a huge iron bar and she fell to the ground.” /blockquote>

“So they started stoning her, hitting her with bars and sticks and she died. She was killed in the presence of all security agents.

“After they killed her, the mob was jubilant that they had killed her. The students and people from the villages all shouted Allah Akbar, Allahu Akbar.

“They were all happy and cheering. Different people started saying, ‘I’m the one who killed her’, ‘I’m the one who killed her’.

‘After about twenty to thirty minutes, a lady in a headscarf, one of hers Schoolmates, she started screaming, a kone ta, a kone ta, akone ta, which means ‘set her body on fire, set her body on fire.’

“Back then, they collected tires and one of the boys brought his machine from which they vacuumed the fuel which they poured onto the tires and set her body on fire.

“After about two hours the school board and police officers took her body to the morgue .”

He added:

“More than 100 police officers were there. They were more than a hundred. The DSS people there were not many. The DSS people tried to rescue them but left it to the police when they arrived in about five to seven vehicles, including civil protection. But look what happened in the end.”

Bishop Kukah commends Governor Tambuwal for imposing curfew in Sokoto

Recall that the Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese, Rev. Matthew Kukah commended Governor Aminu Waziri Tambuwal for his immediate declaration of a 24-hour curfew to calm ongoing protests in the state.

The protesters had previously attacked the Holy Family Catholic Cathedral on Bello Road and the St Kevin Gidan Dere Catholic Church, destroying windows and a parish bus parked on the premises.

Governor Tambuwal attacked quickly entered the Sokoto Crisis to prevent further property destruction.

How Governor Tambuwal imposed a curfew in Sokoto to prevent a crisis

This was a consequence of the assassination of Deborah Samuel by some people who claimed she was guilty of blasphemy and the growing call for her killers to be released and arrested.

The governor was quick to declare a curfew on Saturday May 14th the entire metropolis engulfed in widespread protests and riots amid police efforts to maintain law and order.